Saturday, November 26, 2022

NFL will protect citizens

I own mineral rights on farm and ranch land, and I receive monthly royalty checks.  It is because of my knowledge of gas drilling that I will be enthusiastically and wholeheartedly voting for Melissa Northern for Mayor, Al Filidoro for Town Council Place #2, and Steve Lyda for Town Council (NFL). I believe Northern, Filidoro, and Lyda will responsibly, impartially, and fairly represent, listen, and protect all citizens of Flower Mound. 

I am not against gas drilling – nor are Melissa Northern, Al Filidoro, or Steve Lyda, despite false rumors by the opposition.  However, when gas drilling is being done within city limits, additional safeguards must be put in place. Gas drilling, the fracking process, and unnecessary toxic wastewater facilities can affect air quality, the water table, water quality, health, and property values. Local oversight and protections need to be in place for the future. Judging by their past performance, the Texas Railroad Commission and the TCEQ have done a poor job in protecting Texas citizens. Local oversight is essential. The decisions that the Flower Mound Town Council makes will determine if Flower Mound continues to remain a desirable city in which to live. Environmentally responsible solutions to benefit all citizens are currently available and should be considered.
There will be drilling in Flower Mound and property owners will be able to have their mineral and royalty rights. Gas companies want the gas. They will uphold whatever safeguards are in place.  We, as a town, must set the standard. Gas companies will comply. Join me and many Flower Mound residents who are voting for Northern, Filidoro, and Lyda (NFL) on May 8!
Deanna Miles
Flower Mound, TX

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