Sunday, October 2, 2022

Seeking LISD Board of Trustees Place 5 seat

A 1987 graduate of Lewisville High School, I grew up in the Lewisville Independent School District. As a parent of
two sons, who also graduated from Lewisville High School, I have been an involved partner in my children’s’
education, participating in PTAs, booster clubs, community athletic organizations and countless volunteer
activities. I have a vested interest in LISD.

After spending over a year attending LISD Board Meetings and conducting research on my own, I have decided it
is time to become involved in finding solutions to the many issues facing LISD. These are challenging times as
the district faces an $18 million dollar deficit. I believe there are better ways to solve this issue than pushing yet
another tax increase on the tax payers. Overspending by past Boards and onerous state mandates make it
difficult to manage our growing district. While we can scrub the district budget, get creative with how we handle
our finances and find other solutions to this challenge, I believe we should be careful when reducing spending to
avoid those budgeted items which have a direct impact on the classroom, teachers, and supplies.
Recognizing that LISD will continue to grow for several more years, it is important that we seek opportunities to
procure land where the growth is most likely to happen. Building schools and creating attendance zones within
neighborhoods is important to foster the important relationships formed between educators, students and parents
in these neighborhoods.

It will be a priority of mine to encourage our best teachers to stay and to provide incentives for other teachers to
reach their full potential. The district could not boast about our Recognized District status without the extra efforts
of dedicated teachers. In addition to making sure there are incentives to encourage our teachers to be the best, I
am also a firm believer in promotion from within. When we have an outstanding teacher who, in addition to
teaching our children, takes on the financial and personal sacrifice to further their education, we should look to
them first when advanced positions become available.

Student success is important to all of us as the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. I believe all LISD
students should be well prepared for secondary education upon graduation. There can be no assumption that
any student group is at a disadvantage to pursue a college education. There are countless stories of individuals
who came from dire circumstances to become successful both academically and professionally. We as a school
district have an obligation to all students from all demographic and economic groups to give them the resources to

Searching for a Superintendent who will be able to lead the district through the tough times ahead and still focus
on raising the bar, will be no easy task. Reducing the existing budget deficit will require creative problem solving
skills. We’re told that growth in the district is inevitable. We must manage that growth and make decisions so
that we protect neighborhood integrity while preserving precious taxpayer resources while continuing to provide
an excellent education opportunity for all students in LISD. There is a lot of work ahead. I am excited and up to
the challenge, largely in part to the heritage provided me through my years as a student in the LISD.

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