Monday, October 3, 2022

Who is really causing harm here?

Anti-drilling petitioners are breaking local laws as well as Texas Ethic Commission rules regarding political action committees as they gear up to help their anti-drilling candidates and impose their will on the rest of the community.

The problem is, they are misleading petition signers and others with false information and probably ought to consider how the community will hold them accountable later when the truth emerges.

Misrepresentation of proposals and initiatives, and attacking and putting at risk other neighborhoods in Flower Mound has legal, social and environmental consequences.

Since the media caters to the loud, angry, and persistent types, there is little interest in learning about boring facts. Therefore, everyone loses except the candidates and special interests encouraging these groups and individuals.

But each participant in these anti-drilling endeavors makes a personal decision whether to let their emotions guide their judgment, to become addicted to media attention, to fail to question claims, to fail to do their own research, to restrict information to one viewpoint, or to willingly pass along false information to their fellow citizens.

These are self-serving groups and individuals. Why else would they want the council to make illegal decisions, and want to revote, recount or recall until they get the outcome they want? Why would they actually create false information to incite emotional reactions? Equally important, so many of their claims have been disproved over and over.

These groups, their leaders, and their candidates will forever be remembered for creating the most destructive, costly, and unnecessary division in Town history. But they do not care.

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