Saturday, November 26, 2022

Stylists step up for kids in need

One day, a client of my daughter Shanna (pictured right), came into her hair salon in Bartonville Town Center and told her about the Nelson Center in Denton for foster children and the kids desperately needing their hair cut.  She also relayed how hard it is to get stylists to come in and donate their talent and time for the children.

Shanna immediately told her she would love to go to the foster home and cut their hair, so her client gave her the name of the woman in charge at the home. When Becca Stello (pictured left), one of our other stylists, heard what Shanna was going to do, she asked if she could come along with us.

On Monday, February 22, Shanna, Becca, my son Christian, and I went to the foster home for the very first time.  When the first two boys sat down, one asked for his head to be shaved and the other one wanted designs carved in his hair.  After a quick question to the counselor about what was acceptable, the girls set out trying to give each boy “almost” what they wanted.  It was an incredible sight as the first smiles appeared on their faces as each boy started to feel good about how their hair looked and felt.  It made me so proud of these two special women with such giving hearts.

When one tiny six year old took his seat in the big chair, his head barely reached over the top until a booster seat came to his rescue.  He had on huge red race car slippers and the longest eyelashes I have ever seen.  He was going to be able to go outside on a pass and had little paper dollars in his pocket which he showed to me.  He would yell “ouch” ever once in awhile and then smile at me, letting me know he was playing a joke on my daughter, Shanna as he said it didn’t hurt only tickled.  Then he would look at me and say “don’t smile” with a twinkle in his eyes.  He told us his father used to cut his hair and never hurt him either and I sensed this was a joke between the two of them which he was playing on her. 

One boy wanted his hair very short, “just like a carpet” and could not wait to run his fingers through his hair when she was done. One little boy kept pulling his head in and out reminding me of a tiny turtle and giggling because the shaver tickled his neck.

As each boy had their hair cut, you could feel the pleasure and gratitude in each of them as they stood up proud and had a huge smile on their faces because of these two wonderful women who chose to give up their time for these children who needed them. I was a witness to a miracle happening right before my eyes as their hearts connected with these boys from performing this simple kindness. I must say, I am so proud to know them both and thankful they are in my life.

A very proud mother,

Deborah Bogdan

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