Saturday, November 26, 2022

David Moraine is Judge Jake's straw man

Candidate David Moraine did not attend.

That one sentence says it all. It tells you all you need to know about the candidates in the 158th race. Jake Collier touts himself as so qualified to hold this office that he is hurt that Steve Burgess is running against him. He was so hurt that he colluded with his friend David Moraine to force a runoff, he told Burgess just that after Steve filed his paperwork to enter the race.

I guess Jake forgot he lives in the United States. This is a DEMOCRACY, any person qualified can run for any race they want. Jake feels that because he sits on his bench from 8-5 (excluding smoke breaks) that he is ENTITLED to that bench with no opposition. That flies in the face of everything that is good about our country and what makes our system of government the best in the world no matter how much we like to complain about it.

Jake has made a mockery of Democracy. I think he has embarassed the entire Republican Party by perpetrating this sham. I encourage everyone to look into David Moraine’s candidacy. Have you seen him at any forums? I haven’t and I’ve been to a few. Seen any David Moraine for Judge signs around town? I haven’t. Has he raised any money? Sent out any mailers? Does he have a campaign website? He’s a business owner in town, look up his number in the phone book and give him a call and ask him just what his role is in this election. I am interested in his answer.

I also encourage this fine publication to call Moraine and see what his answers are.  And publish them so the voters can know the truth.  I encourage you to call Judge Collier for his thoughts on the matter as well.

I am not a supporter of Steve Burgess. I am a voter who is becoming sicker by the day watching fine groups like the Republican Women’s Club and the Robson Ranch Republicans sit idly by while a fraud is perpetrated before them, your silence is seen as complicity by many. David Moraine’s candidacy is disenfrachising every voter in the March Primary. His name on the ballot will most surely cause a runoff. That means your primary vote doesn’t count, you will have to make a special trip to your local polling place in April to be heard in that race. That is wrong. It is also a huge waste of taxpayer money and time.

Steve Burgess was merely exercising a right that so many good men and women have died for in the past.

Jake could easliy beat Steve head to head. If he is so qualified and so great, why is he so insecure and frightened that he would break the rules so flagrantly so as to disenfranchise the people. That doesn’t seem very judicial to me. I thought a Judge’s role was to ensure fair play amoungst the people. Jake’s collusion with Moraine calls every one of his “qualifications” he touts into serious question. Don’t judges hold people accountable for their actions when they break the law? Can the people hold a judge accountable? Yes we can, every four years….

David Moraine is a close friend of Jake Collier’s. Why would a good friend run against you? Give Dave a call and ask him, better yet, go ask Jake, we all know where he is from 8-5.

Matt Shovlin
Argyle, Texas

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