Sunday, October 2, 2022

Stands by her judge

I am proud to have been married for 34 years to JAKE COLLIER.  He is the love of my life, father of our children, grandchildren, and my best friend.  Part of that love comes because of the respect I have for him.  Jake has worked hard all his life and I know better than anyone what is in his heart.  Jake has always tried to help people, whether financially or personally, and in the end he feels good knowing he did the right thing.  Jake has served his country, his profession, his clients , and his county with honor and dignity.

After 33 years trial experience he wanted to take the best he learned from many judges he practiced in front of, to be a good judge himself.  He was willing to take a pay cut to do this.  He wanted to end his career by being the best he could be as a judge.  I think he has been successful at that.  You want a good judge ask a busy and successful  trial lawyer.  I have been so proud and thankful of the phone calls and emails he has received along with great support putting up signs, money, etc .   Ask any lawyer you know  about Judge Jake.  People who come before him leave feeling they were heard.  Jake is intelligent, caring, and follows the law, like it or not.
I ask you to check the facts.  Help JUDGE JAKE COLLIER continue as your Judge 4 more years.

Diana Collier
Flower Mound, TX

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