Sunday, October 2, 2022

Robison deserves your vote

I have known Bonnie Robison for many years as a practicing attorney and a friend. She is running for Probate Judge of Denton County and deserves your vote. Bonnie is a lifelong conservative Republican that has been actively involved in the community and her church. It is important to consider each candidate based upon their qualifications for the court they are seeking. The probate court is a specialized court that deals with intricate and delicate life issues. Those issues often concern how families resolve financial dispute arising from the death of a loved one; how a family should care for a loved one in their elder years; or how a person who is not able to fend for themselves or care for themselves is treated or cared for. Bonnie is the right choice for the Probate Court because she is a compassionate, caring person that will come to the bench with the following unsurpassed unmatched qualifications:

*Only Candidate Licensed as an Attorney for over 30 Years;
*Only Candidate with over 20 Years Specializing in Probate, Trust, & Fiduciary Litigation;
*Only Candidate that is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law ;
*Only Candidate that is a Certified Public Accountant;
*A Certified Guardian Ad Litem;
* A Former Chair of the Probate Section of the Denton County Bar ; and
* And a lifelong community volunteer and conservative republican.
For these reasons, vote for the most qualified candidate, Bonnie Robison.

Gregory Sawko
Denton, TX

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