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Letters: They like Judge Jake

Judge Jake Collier was the sweetheart of our Indian Creek Home Owner Association Valentine Card making party in Carrollton. His beautiful wife Diane and granddaughter Zoe were also a pleasure to meet. Judge Jake greeted homeowners and answers question his last seven-year on the bench and his up coming election. We need to keep judges on the bench that are experienced, knowledgeable about the law, efficient and fair. I highly recommend we keep the most qualified district judge in Denton County to preside over the 158th District Court.

Kathleen and Warren York
Carrollton, TX

I have known Judge Jake Collier for over 30 years.  His son and my son played soccer together back in the 1980’s.   Judge Collier is one of the strong descendant  of  “ The Greatest Generation”  that reflect a value system of honor and justice.  He has a keen sense for sorting out truth and separating facts from opinions.  Often times as a friend he has given me opinions that were not my opinions and as a result saved me from making mistakes. 

Jake fought for our country entering into the Marine Corp as a private and came out as a commissioned officer.  This pretty much represents the Collier standard.   Jake is a leader, self starter, great family man and does not hesitate to execute the law without prejudice. 

Several years ago my wife and I decided to meet with Jake and his bride Dianna at the court house.  The plan was to go out for lunch.  It was a Friday and the other Judges had departed for the weekend.  Jake wanted to come back to the court house after lunch so he could voluntarily make sure he was available to help out any attorneys attempting to complete tasks that needed a judge’s signature.  I remember how Judge Jake related to each Lawyer and as opposed to being arrogant and authoritative he was a true servant of our community helping out legal process as best he could. 

As a voter in Denton County I highly recommend Judge Jake Collier and urge the voters to make sure he stays in office by casting your vote for “Judge Jake Collier”. 

Roger Shaw
Copper Canyon

I have known Judge Collier for many years now.  I think the number is approaching fifteen.  In that time I have practiced with him, against him, and before him.  He has always been fair, open, and honest in our dealings, in whatever capacity we have dealt with each other.  Through these dealings I have come to consider Judge Collier a friend, an impartial friend.  I grew up in Sanger and I consider him to be the judge that I would choose to represent Denton County if I had the choice.  I intend to attend his fundraiser this week, even though I am primarily caring for my six year old son.  It is that important to me to support Judge Collier. 

Wayne Ward
Fort Worth, TX

I am writing to share with the community my support of Judge Jake Collier.  He is presently running for re-election as judge of the 158th Judicial District Court of Denton County.  Judge Collier is a judge I and many other attorneys in Denton County respect.  He has ranked at the top of the polls given to attorneys when asked to rank judges on such items as efficiency, knowledge of the law, fairness and treatment of witnesses and attorneys.

I have practiced in Denton County for four years.  During that time, it has been my pleasure to appear in Judge Collier’s court frequently.  Judge Collier knows the law and it make me a better attorney.  I know he will listen to the necessary arguments, but does not allow overkill.  Judge Collier is available.  When I need to get something done quickly for my clients, I know that Judge Collier will be on the bench to assist with my client’s needs.  Judge Collier is consistent.  His rulings are within the bounds of the law.  As an attorney, I cannot explain how comforting it is to practice before a judge who rules logically. 

There is another gentleman running for the same court.  His name may sound familiar to some people in Denton County.  I urge you not to be fooled by names.  This opponent is not what he may seem.  Although his name is the same, there is no relation to the politician whose name he shares!  We simply cannot let an excellent judge like Judge Collier suffer defeat because of a name.  Please vote in the primary election on March 2, 2010 to re-elect Judge Jake Collier.

Elizabeth Nielsen

All politics are local.  Denton County is very fortunate to have experienced, knowledgeable and capable judges on our County Criminal and District Court benches.  Judge Jake Collier is seeking re-election and deserves our vote and support.  His court runs efficiently and fairly. Although I sometime disagree with his rulings, they are sound and comport with the law. Jake is the sole candidate with the experience and knowledge to run a court which the citizens of Denton County can be proud.  I know both of his opponents. They are professional gentlemen.  However, neither come close to the experience required and the judicial wisdom to succeed as a judge.  One of the opponents professes his opposition to abortion.  A majority of republicans subscribe to that same philosophy.  However, there hasn’t been a case in Denton County regarding that issue in decades.  That alone shows the lack of ability and perspective of that candidate. Please join me in supporting the only qualified candidate for the 158th Judicial District Court and re-elect Jake Collier your District Judge.
Tim Powers

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