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Denton ISD Superintendent Donates Raise to Schools

The Board of Trustees of Denton ISD recently approved a new three-year contract for Superintendent Ray Braswell that extends through June 30, 2013.

Upon receiving the extended contract and salary increase, Dr. Braswell issued a statement that he will be donating the $10,604 salary increase to the Denton Public School Foundation.

“I’m very appreciative of the continuing support of the Board and the extension of my contract. For the coming year, I have decided to forgo the salary increase and to donate these dollars to the Denton Public School Foundation so that these funds can be returned to the teachers and staff who represent the real success and the backbone of the district. Our district would not be what it is today without their efforts,” said Dr. Braswell.

“During his 11-year tenure, the district has become known as innovative, progressive and dynamic – especially in the fields of technology and educational programs,” said Dr. Jim Alexander, president of the Board of Trustees.

“Dr. Braswell has worked especially hard to compensate the experienced teachers and those with advanced degrees,” said board member Dr. Jeanetta Smith.

The board nominated Braswell in 2009 and 2003 for the prestigious Texas Superintendent of the Year award – an honor that is bestowed on the top administrators in the state by Texas Association of School Boards. In both years, he was named one of the Top Five Superintendents in Texas.

“Due to his leadership, the district’s staff has been energized as a team. He also has worked extremely well with the board in forming a strong Team of Eight,” said Board Vice President Mia Price.

Under Dr. Braswell’s leadership, the district’s accountability tests have improved. The number of exemplary schools almost tripled this past year.

“In terms of financial management, Denton ISD is one of about a dozen school districts of the 1,034 in Texas that have the prestigious AA Bond Rating. This rating, which saves taxpayers millions, has been maintained while the school district’s student population has almost doubled,” said Charles Stafford, board member.

During Dr. Braswell’s tenure, the community has passed four major bond elections – totaling more than one-half billion dollars.

“The district has opened 16 schools, plus four other facilities under his leadership. All existing facilities have had ‘facelifts.’ Gymnasiums, state-of-the-art libraries and new art rooms have been added. All schools – elementary through high school – have science labs completed or have been funded through bond monies to be constructed,” said Dr. Curtis Ramsey, board member.

“When the district faces challenging issues, he works with the board to address them,” said Dr. Glenna Harris, board secretary. “For example, the board saw a greater need to expand early childhood education. Dr. Braswell worked with the staff and board to initiate building a new childhood center and add pre-K classrooms to the elementary school prototype.”

“We are proud of how Denton ISD is evolving into one of the best districts in the state under Dr. Braswell’s leadership, especially with the state-of-art Advanced Technology Complex and with 20 exemplary and recognized schools in our district,” said Dr. Rudy Rodriguez, board member.

Dr. Braswell’s salary remains less than most other superintendents of school districts of similar size and diversity in Texas, according to Denton ISD spokesperson Sharon Cox.

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