Saturday, November 26, 2022

Flower Mound Passes Air Quality Tests

Recent air quality testing in Flower Mound shows no detectable concentrations of cancer-causing chemicals, according to town officials.

The air quality monitoring was conducted on January 13th at two natural gas compressor station facilities by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality officials.

“While additional TCEQ air quality testing is scheduled to occur in the near future, the preliminary analysis produced results indicating no detectable concentrations of VOC (benzene, toluene, methane, etc.) exist at the two test locations in Flower Mound,” the town said in a press release. “Infrared cameras did not detect emissions from the compressor engines and heater units other than those associated with normal operations.”

A study published last February by Al Armendariz, an engineering professor at Southern Methodist University, concluded that gas drilling in the Barnett Shale contributes about as much air pollution to the D-FW area as emissions from cars and trucks. Dr. Armendariz’s study was financed by the Environmental Defense Fund.

The TCEQ estimates that gas drilling in the nine-county area, which includes Denton County, generates 90 tons of pollution per day.

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