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Coach Kelli – Denton County's Biggest Losers 2010

Pat McCarrell, Tony White and Brad Jurica (pictured below left to right) are up for a challenge. The motivation is high and they are fully committed to making 2010 the year they get into peak condition.  Pat, Tony and Brad met at Argyle Adventure Boot Camp on Monday January 4th and made a pact to shed the excess weight – a combined 100+ pounds. They are inviting us to follow along with their progress over the next few months.

Pat was a Division 1 football player at Texas Tech.  His inner athlete was ready to re-emerge when he joined Argyle Adventure Boot Camp in April 09, but at first just showing up for the workouts was an accomplishment. He wasn’t quite ready to make the changes to his diet. He was consuming the typical southern diet including fast food, fried foods, soft drinks and lots of it.  Then he attended one of Coach Kelli’s Grocery Shopping Tours and slowly began to make the shift to healthier choices and smaller quantities.  At first Pat says, “It was hard to choose a salad with grilled chicken at a business lunch when the other guys were ordering chicken fried steak, but I decided I wanted to live in a fit body”.

His coach, Brad, says, “Pat has only missed one day of camp in 8 months. He has an awesome attitude, exhibits a tremendous amount of hustle, and has a strong desire to work hard and get results!”  Coach Kelli says, “It’s been a pleasure to see Pat progress to fast running and complete the agility and quickness drills with speed and swiftness. He is competitive at heart and pushes the other guys to do their best.  He’s come a long way and I am looking forward to watching his transformation over the months ahead.”

Pat is a busy father of three who does his best to balance work and the family. To date, he has lost 25 pounds and 16% body fat.  He’s committed to losing 50 more pounds.

Jan 4th, 2010
Pat: Age 41, 6′ 0″ tall, Weight 298 lbs, Body Fat 27.6%, Chest 48, Waist 49.5, Hips 48, Thigh 23, Arm 14.25

Tony started gaining weight when he was traveling around the world as a sales executive with IBM.  When he wasn’t traveling, he was behind a desk.  For the last 3 years, working from home was been great for family life but not his health or body.   With no exercise, the pounds started piling on.  He tried cutting down on food portion sizes and making better choices at restaurants and lost about 10 pounds, but couldn’t seem to go any lower.

Tony found this quote, shared by Coach Brad to be fitting.  “What I need is someone who will make me do what I can.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Over the years Tony had memberships at fantastic health clubs but never went.  He knew he needed a scheduled workout that would be completed before the work day began.

Tony joined Argyle Adventure Boot Camp on his 47th birthday in October and has lost 14 pounds to date. He’s committed to losing 20 more.

Tony: Age 47, 5′ 10″ tall, Weight 197 lbs, Body Fat 20.5%, Chest 39.25, Waist 40, Hips 41.25, Thigh 20, Arm 12.75

Brad is the coach of the men’s Adventure Boot Camp in Argyle.  He has always been an athlete – from baseball and soccer to ultimate Frisbee, surfing, running and various disciplines of martial arts.  In his mid 30’s, life was catching up to him as he was striving to build his business, finish school, teach at several universities, lead boot camp, plan a wedding and find a place to call home with his fiancée.

Even athletes can fall into the trap of too much stress, too little sleep, poor eating choices and not enough exercise.  Coach Brad says, “As his life is transitioning from student and professor to building a business, I have not allowed for the extra working hours and less time to train and eat right.  I realize now that to look like an athlete I need to live like an athlete and it’s going to mean adjusting my schedule, as well as cleaner eating and challenging exercise to make the positive changes I want.”

Coach Brad is committed to lose 30 pounds before July 1, 2010. He just registered for the OC Marathon in southern California in May.

Brad: Age 35, 5′ 9″ tall, Weight 195 lbs, Body Fat 21%, Chest 40, Waist 37.5, Hips 42, Thigh 22.5, Arm 14

It’s not too late to join in with Pat, Tony and Brad to turbo charge your energy and watch the years disappear. Nothing compares to the results you can achieve with a progressive exercise and wellness program.

Tony, Pat and Brad will be exercising 3 times weekly.  Will you join in or wish you had the results these guys will be enjoying a few short months from now?  To join in go to where you can also see updates as the men transform.  Or call Kelli Calabrese at 817-490-1296.

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