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Coach Kelli: No More Sugar Cravings

Stop and be honest with yourself. Are you happy with the way you look and feel? Genuinely happy? If you are not, here’s my promise. You could be. It’s not magic; it’s not even about positive thinking. It’s about having a destination and choosing a course that gets you there.

Does dieting make you crazy?  The average person has been on 13 diets and some people begin a new diet every Monday.  It’s frustrating when you go to a meeting and painstakingly count your calories and still do not have the results you expect.  You may be exercising, eating right and still the scale does not reflect your efforts.

And how about those sugar cravings?  Are you unconsciously reaching for bread, pasta, and cookies which temporarily make you feel good, but in 10 minutes you are ready to take a nap?  

You can be rescued and there’s proof with the hundreds of men and women in Denton County who have already had a metabolism miracle makeover.  You CAN change your body. You can get control of your body…not for a day, not for a week, not for a month and not only for 2010, but forever. 

Some people, even if they appear to have a healthy metabolism for decades, have the switch flipped and begin gaining weight – especially around the mid-section – lovingly referred to as the muffin top. 

You are born with your metabolism, but how you treat your body (consumption of high fructose corn syrup, sleep deprivation, high levels of emotional or physical distress, inactivity, over eating and environmental factors) can slow your metabolism down to a whimper.

As best as your body will try to handle anything you put in it, the food you consume and your habits can lead to modern day diseases knows as insulin resistance or metabolic system.  These are primarily hormonal issues and can be corrected with natural and healthy lifestyle choices.

Stress forces your metabolism to shut down faster, to the point where when the stress is removed the metabolism still remains sluggish. 

Most people will choose medications for a faster metabolism. They will be on these medications for life with regularly increasing dosages The medications all have side effects, do not get to the root of the problem and you may continually watch your body expand in unfavorable ways.

A calories in/calories out diet only works for about 50% of people.  Even for those it works for, if they are not making the most nutritious food choices they could still have insulin imbalances, high cholesterol, hypertension and feel ill.
It’s not just you.  You didn’t fail. The diet failed you.  Something or things were missing.  The good news is that it’s possible to supercharge your metabolism regardless of your age or current condition.

One way is with carbohydrate manipulation which has to do with altering the kind and amount of carbohydrate intake to set your body up to shed fat, eliminate cravings, keep your energy level high and feel fantastic.

If you have been told you are pre-diabetic, have an unfavorable lipid panel, your blood pressure is out of the healthy zone, you are gaining fat around your mid section or you have uncontrollable cravings for carbohydrates, now is the perfect time to resolve those issue naturally – without any drugs, therapy, or a depravation diet.

Another lifestyle approach is to add productive physical activity.  Ideally that would be exercise that is enjoyable, feels good, supports your body, produces fast results, contributes to improved health and energy and can be done long term.

These are two of the changes that are the foundations for a metabolism miracle.  In about 8 weeks you can notice a dramatic difference in how you look and feel and it will be the beginning of a lifetime of health. 

8 weeks is not overnight, however with the right plan and some responsibility you can regain control of your metabolism and truly be happy with yourself.  Recognize that you can influence your metabolism – in a positive or negative way.  Each moment and each meal you have the choice to make.

Give yourself the gift of health this holiday season by joining the hundreds of men and women of Denton County who are calling Argyle Adventure Boot Camp their metabolism miracle.  Some of the men and women swore they could never rid themselves of the sugar cravings as they were a stronger addiction than heroine.  Others said no matter what they did, they could not stop gaining weight.  Others came to the program with the pill boxes overflowing only to decrease or eliminate all medication in a few short months.

The time is now.  Where will you be in 8 Weeks? The next Miracle Metabolism Boot Camp program including the Detox Fat Burning Meal Plan begins on January 4th.  Programs are available for men and women. To register, go to or call Kelli Calabrese 817-490-1296 or [email protected].

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