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Northlake Notes — December 2023

Exciting times are here in Northlake. It’s neat to see long-term issues finally get resolved or have breakthroughs on the path to fixing those situations. Here are several wins that have happened in Northlake recently.

A year ago we were notified that a major Oncor electric transmission line was headed to the region. The initial proposed routes raised alarm across many cities and neighborhoods. Some crossed Northlake around our beautiful estates areas while others proceeded down FM 407 and FM 1171, taking pieces of or crossing into or through established neighborhoods. The routes proceeded into Argyle, impacting their invaluable post oak forest areas and homes. Bartonville, Flower Mound, Ft. Worth and Justin communities were also impacted. The leadership of all these towns and cities began to organize and work together to push back on the lines, ultimately resulting in thousands of protests being lodged. I am very proud of the work that was done by everyone to get involved and give us a chance to protect our communities. After a year of work, including testifying in court and getting agreement from many different entities, the judge ruled in favor of an agreement with the landowners, Northlake and intervenors in neighborhoods to keep the power line out of all of the communities in Northlake and keep it adjacent to 1171 which is the most direct route. I’m thankful for this success. The route is not without impact, but in the end, it minimizes the cost, length, and adjacent impacts that would greatly increase the damage to home values and aesthetics of our communities.

Elections are the opportunity to have referendums on the direction of our governments. In this last cycle, two very important decisions were made by the voters. First, after a year of grueling rebuilding since the embezzlement scandal broke in the fire district, voters approved expanding the district to formally add Lantana and to split the fire and ambulance services into their own district boards. The fire district also recently won a grant from the federal government to fund nine firefighters. The additional firefighters and grant will finally fully fund the staffing for the engines and ambulances and provide for a new station in the next couple years in the south portion of Northlake. The new board and fire leadership have done a terrific job earning trust by the community and the stunning 89% approval rate for the new district is proof of that.

The second decision made by Northlake voters, was to approve the financing for a StarCenter sports center. This is the second vote required by the state of Texas to ensure that this is indeed a project that voters in Northlake want. The first was to dedicate the sources of funding, the second to approve the financing. The project is estimated to be ready in 2025 around the time that Hwy 114 main lanes and a new Cambria Hotel & Conference Center are planned to be finished. The Northlake 114 Sports & Entertainment Zone is coming along well. We’re excited to see the City of Roanoke working across the street with a sports and entertainment zone of their own. The combination of the two projects will be something to see when it is done!

Put Monday, December 4th on your calendars! The Town of Northlake’s second annual Christmas at the Commons event will start at 5:30 p.m.! Vendor fair, parade, tree lighting, food and more will be available for your enjoyment. Everyone is welcome!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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