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The Bat Invasion: How homes become unintentional sanctuaries

33 species of bats call Texas home, and August is a busy time for bats. Most bat species give birth to one bat a year, and in August that pup is ready to fly.

Where Do Bats Live?

Bats roost during the day and their natural habitats include tree cavities, behind loose bark, and in caves.

When natural bat habitats overlap with residential areas, conflicts arise. Bats take up residence under bridges, sheds, and other outbuildings, as well as in attics and wall cavities. They find their way inside through gaps in roofs or uncovered chimneys.

Bats in Chimneys

Chimneys provide easy access entry points for bats. These animals enter chimneys to hibernate and reproduce. Homeowners with a maternity colony of bats inside their chimneys may have a long-lasting problem on their hands. The animals have strong homing instincts and usually return to the same roosts.

Bats in Attics

Attics are a popular location for bat maternity colonies. They provide the warmth and shelter necessary for rearing young pups. Bats gain access to attics through gaps in roof shingles, mortar, and home vents.

Humane Bat Removal

Bats are protected in Texas. Not only do bats provide environmental and economic benefits, but also their population is dwindling. All bats in Texas are insectivores. One bat can consume over 1,000 mosquitoes a night. The natural pest control benefits agriculture.

You cannot kill or trap bats in your attic or chimney. Nine bat species currently listed as endangered on the federal level and according to Texas state law bats cannot be hunted, killed, possessed, purchased, or sold.

The most effective and humane way to remove bats is by utilizing a bat valve in conjunction with a full home exclusion. A bat valve allows for bats to exit your home but not re-enter. Since each bat removal is unique, our specialist will use or create a bat valve specifically for your home. Our inspector will determine the proper amount of bat valves to be used, but most removals only require one bat valve.

At Trutech Wildlife Services, our expert technicians and specialists have over 100 years of combined experience in the wildlife removal industry. Schedule a free inspection by calling 940-240-3166.

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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