Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New Rapid Med owners excited for the road ahead

Dr. Eric Zahorecz and Dr. Sean Fleming are two of the more down-to-earth, compassionate, experienced, and recognizable medical professionals you could ever hope to encounter when you or a loved one are sick or hurt. And they don’t take that responsibility lightly, either — especially since they now follow in what they refer to as some pretty big shoes.

For more than a year now, Dr. Zahorecz and Dr. Fleming have been helping the amazing team at Rapid Med Urgent Care in Argyle and Double Oak/Highland Village continue to provide unrivaled care for their patients after the untimely passing of their previous owner in January 2021. Rapid Med was started from scratch 15 years ago as a family practice and quickly became a trusted community staple in an age where individuals and families increasingly crave more affordable options for their medical needs.

What started as a plan to “fill in” for a couple of weeks turned into a few months and, eventually, a permanent relationship.

Rapid Med officially announced its new ownership under Dr. Zahorecz and Dr. Fleming on January 31.

“I knew the previous doctor for a long time and had briefly worked with him,” Dr. Fleming said. “When I learned that he had passed, I found an old email he had sent me. It was a group message with his wife on it, so I used that to reach out to her and say, ‘Hey, there are doctors here at the hospital willing to help if you need it.’ It started with Eric and me coming in for a couple of weeks, which turned into a few months before becoming a permanent relationship. We desperately wanted to help keep the business going.”

Dr. Zahorecz agreed, adding that it was important to both of them that Rapid Med’s legacy of providing quality care lived on.

“As many know, they were great people and had built a great business,” Dr. Zahorecz said. “We are proud to be here. On top of that, once you start working with the team, you realize how fantastic they are. They care for their patients; you want to keep that going.”

Rapid Med has always been more than just another urgent care facility that promises the world but often underdelivers. They are a family and veteran-owned practice with a team of board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants who cater to everything from sniffles and a sore throat to broken bones, infections, lacerations, chronic illnesses, and more. Their services also include things like in-house labs, X-rays, ultrasounds, full fracture care, and allergy testing — many of which are procedures you’d expect to have to pay an arm and a leg for at the hospital. Instead, you can work with Rapid Med for a fraction of the cost.

They are open seven days a week, with walk-ins always welcome.

“We even have a sports trainer here who does all of the concussion work with local athletes at the high school,” Dr. Zahorecz said. “The goal is to keep people out of the ER when possible. And as physicians, Sean and I understand that. It’s expensive just to walk through the ER doors. We are community doctors, and we love being there for our community.”

Dr. Fleming agreed.

“What we are most proud of is our 75 percent return rate,” he said. “That is huge. Our patients feel a genuine closeness to our staff.”

Perhaps that is the biggest reason why Dr. Zahorecz and Dr. Fleming fit in so perfectly with Rapid Med’s existing atmosphere. Both live just down the street, with Dr. Fleming and his family being long-time Lewisville residents and Dr. Zahorecz and his family living in Argyle. They have seven children between their respective families, including two sets of twin daughters.

Professionally, Dr. Zahorecz and Dr. Fleming are physicians at nearby Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Fleming also doubles as the Medical Director for the Flower Mound Fire Department and the Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department. Dr. Zahorecz is a bronze star recipient from the U.S. Army National Guard and has served as a reservist for the past 13 years. In addition to his ties to the hospital and Rapid Med, he serves as Medical Director for the Argyle Youth Football Association.

“That just shows how much we are tied into our community,” Dr. Fleming said. “It means that much to us.”


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