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Nancy Knows Homes – All Things Real Estate: Thinking of selling your home?

By Nancy Pieper

Thinking of selling your home?

Now more than ever, it’s important to figure out who you think your potential buyer will be and cater to that market.

Here are some fun facts (believe it or not!):

  • Millennials make up 38% of homebuyers, and of that group 13% are age 22-29 and 25% are 30-39 years old)
  • Gen X who are age 40-54 make up 23% of buyers
  • Baby Boomers, who are age 55-73 make up 33% of buyers
  • Everybody else makes up 6%

Why is this important? What Millennial, Gen X or Baby Boomers want to purchase a fixer upper- or a granny land? NONE OF THEM! There is about a 2-1 ratio of single women buyers to single men. No matter who your buyer is, most have been exposed to HGTV and they want move-in ready.

Here are a few tips:

No one has ever asked me to find them a dirty beat down home. Start with curb appeal: pay special attention to the front porch condition.

Keep it clean! Buyers cannot unsee dirty bathrooms and clutter stacked to the ceiling.

Buyers do not like dark dungeons. Bright and light is a must, so rip down those heavy fringed draperies that we all spent a fortune on and throw them in the trash! Better to have nothing on the windows, to let as much light in as possible. I cannot tell you how many of my clients have walked away from a listing because they felt dark. Change out all the yellow glow light bulbs with bright white bulbsThis change will make a significant difference. (Although you may need to buy yourself some sunglasses)!

If you think this is such a strong market that it does not matter, that everything is going to sell, you may be right, but you are leaving lots and lots of $$$$ on the table.

Another stat that I read which did surprise me is the breakdown of how most people source a home.

Ages 74-94 – 43% online

Ages 65-73 – 73% online

Ages 55-64 – 83% online

Ages 40-54 – 88% online

Ages 30-39 – 93% online

Ages 22-29 – 92% online

The most surprising thing to me was the 73-94 year-old group online? WOW!

What does that tell us? We need to make certain we are the prettiest girl at the dance when it comes to marketing our home online. That could determine how many shows you will get. The camera sees things differently than the human eye. It is important to be able to see things through the camera’s eye. This will make all the difference in getting as much traffic in as possible.

Nancy Pieper was a Flower Mound resident for 30 years and currently resides in Lantana. A Realtor for close to a decade, she is a a 1% top producing real estate agent in the DFW Metroplex. Learn more about her here.


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CTG Staff
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