Friday, December 1, 2023

Foodie Friday: Kolache Donuts Bakery

One of our big weaknesses around here is most definitely donuts. Plain glazed, cake donuts, fritters, cronuts – we love them all! So, we always love getting to know more of our local donut shops.

This week we got to visit Kolache Donuts Bakery located off FM 407 in Highland Village to meet with Owners Kay and H Kim about their beloved shop. If you’ve driven by on Saturday mornings, it’s possible you’ve seen a line out the door, so we knew we were in for a real treat this week!

Kay and H actually have 25 years of experience making donuts and they are the perfect team. H has been baking his entire life, both in Korea and here in the States. And Kay has experience working as a custom decorator and florist, so she brings all the beauty and creativity to the look of their donuts.

They actually owned and ran a donut shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 20 years before retiring a few years ago and traveling the country. But after they got the travel bug out of their system, they felt a strong pull to return back to what they truly love – donuts! And so they opened up shop here in Highland Village.

We always say the best way to judge a donut shop is by trying out their classic glazed yeast donuts. And the glazed donuts here at Kolache Donuts Bakery are to die for. They’re light and fluffy but also melt in your mouth. The perfect combination.

In addition to having all the classic donuts in their case, they also have an amazing assortment of seasonal options, character donuts, fritters, and rolls.

If you have a party, wedding, or any kind of celebration coming up, we’d also highly recommend ordering some of their custom donuts and/or sugar cookies! Kay does such a fabulous job decorating them – just look at these custom Foodie Friday ones she created for us!

You know if someone’s been doing something for over two decades, it’s gotta be something they really love. Especially if they retire and then choose to come back to it! And H and Kay truly do love serving and making donuts for their local community. So, come visit them, tell them hello from Jay with Foodie Friday, and enjoy some truly delicious donuts!

*Kolache Donuts Bakery is located at 2930 Justin Rd #400, Highland Village, TX 75077.

Jay Marks
Jay Marks
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