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Double Oak Police Beat — September 2020

Double Oak Police Chief Derrick Watson

Welcome back to school! Hopefully, kids are getting the opportunity to attend class in person and enjoy a bit of normalcy with their friends and teachers. Mom and dad, now is a good time to speak to your children about traffic safety.

If you have an elementary or middle school child walking to school remind them to walk against traffic and to get out of the way of oncoming vehicles. It is also a good idea to not be looking down at a cellphone or wearing headphones. Modern vehicles are exceedingly quiet and being able to hear their approach, if you are a pedestrian, is important. Explain to your children that many drivers do not do a good job of paying attention and are often texting, eating, or distracted by other occupants in their vehicles. Even if your child has the right of way by virtue of being in a school zone, they still need to look for traffic (look left, look right and then look left again) before crossing a roadway. It is a very good idea to rehearse the route with your children by walking it with them.

We are blessed to have crossing guards for our schools in LISD. If your child is walking to school have them use the controlled crosswalks and explain to them, they must wait for the crossing guard’s instructions. If you are a motorist when a crossing guard gives traffic direction, please obey their instructions. Their intent is to provide safe passage for children to school, not to irritate you. If you are consistently running late for work or cannot abide going the speed limit in the school zone because you are going to be late, leave home earlier. Do not get mad at the kid, the school zone, the crossing guard, or the inevitable visit with someone wearing a blue suit.

If you have a teen driver it is not a bad idea to rehearse the route to high school with them, discuss where they’re going to park and what to do if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Check your teen driver to ensure they have their driver’s license and insurance binder. They also should understand that using handheld communications devices in school zones is prohibited (unless the vehicle is stopped or they are using a hands free device) and that teens driving around groups of non-related teens is a violation of the Texas Transportation Code. Excerpted from the Texas Transportation Code:

“Sec. 545.424.  OPERATION OF VEHICLE BY PERSON UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. (a) A person under 18 years of age may not operate a motor vehicle while using a wireless communication device, except in case of emergency. (a-1) A person under 18 years of age may not operate a motor vehicle: (1) after midnight and before 5 a.m. unless the operation of the vehicle is necessary for the operator to attend or participate in employment or a school-related activity or because of a medical emergency; or (2) with more than one passenger in the vehicle under 21 years of age who is not a family member.”

The most dangerous thing your teen will do is drive a vehicle. I encourage you to remind the young driver that children are everywhere during the school day and unpredictable. Paying attention while operating mom and dad’s car is critical.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Recent Police Calls

 07-27-2020 – Disturbance – Double Oak – Parents attempting to stop their adult child from intoxicated driving.

 07-28-2020 – Credit Card Abuse – Double Oak – Complainant discovered that their debit card was being used to order items online by an unknown suspect.

07-29-2020 – Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information – Double Oak – A resident reported that their personal identifying information had been used by an unknown suspect to transfer money out of their personal checking account.

07-29-2020 – Disturbance – Double Oak – A motorist reported approaching a group of five or six bicyclists stopped near the intersection of Waketon and Chinn Chapel Rd. As the motorist attempted to pass the bicyclists, she reported that several of the cyclists slapped her car. She did not note any damage but wanted to report aggressive bicyclist behavior.

07-29-2020 – Reckless Damage – Double Oak – A known person drove their vehicle through a brick mailbox causing damage. The motorist intentionally left the scene without leaving contact information.

07-31-2020 – Agency Assist – Bartonville – A Double Oak Officer assisted Bartonville PD with a vehicle search which netted suspected drug paraphernalia.

08-01-2020 – Disturbance – Double Oak – Complainant reported being assaulted by a known person.

08-03-2020 – Theft of Property – Double Oak – Complainant reported multiple items of jewelry as having been stolen in the previous two weeks from a residence in Double Oak.

08-07-2020 – Agency Assist – Bartonville – Double Oak Officer provided cover for a Bartonville Officer who was conducting a traffic stop involving five subjects.

08-10-2020 – Assault – Double Oak – Complainant alleged assault by threat from known person.

08-11-2020 – Fraud – Double Oak – A resident permitted an unknown party access to their computer in an attempt to obtain a refund from a diet company representative. The transaction was fraudulent in nature and resulted in an attempt to obtain a cash transfer from the complainant’s checking account to an overseas location.

08-13-2020 – Harassment / Threats – Double Oak – Complainant reported being threatened by a known person.

08-15-2020 – Accident – Double Oak – Accident with injuries between vehicle and bicyclist.

08-18-2020 – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Double Oak – During the conduct of a traffic stop the officer found suspect drug paraphernalia.

08-19-2020 – Runaway – Double Oak – Juvenile female left home without permission.  Runaway has been returned to her family.

08-20-2020 – Assault – Double Oak – Complainant reported having been assaulted by a known person.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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