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Local doctor bringing vitality back for his patients

Dr. Thomas Fliedner and his nurse and patient, Cheryl Jones. (Photo by What’s That Guy’s Name?)

Dr. Thomas Fliedner has been the go-to obstetrician and gynecologist for Flower Mound and Lewisville area residents and families for 20 years. But his patients have been singing his praises in a variety of other ways lately — especially when it comes to bringing vitality back into their lives.

Fliedner, who owns North Texas OBGYN, expanded his services a few years ago as a partner at North Texas Vitality as a way to focus on using hormones for both men and women.

“Patients end up coming to see you year after year about various symptoms — symptoms like fatigue, loss of motivation, poor mood, and troubles with weight,” Dr. Fliedner said. “I’ve always tried to come up with answers for them, and I’ve found hormones are often the answer to helping them feel better and regain some of that lost motivation and enjoyment of life.”

While some studies have connected synthetic hormones to some health issues, Fliedner said quite the opposite is true for natural hormones which enhance people’s health. He firmly believes using the right hormones at the right time will maintain good health and restore vitality. He also advocates a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, sleep, and a good diet.

“I had one lady tell me that she feels like she is 35 again,” Fliedner said. “Another gentleman told me that he had a plot of land out of state that he never could get around to fixing. Since starting this program, he’s been a lot more engaged and is seeing significant results.”

Helping him in his mission to deliver better health options is his nurse, Cheryl Jones. Both Dr. Fliedner and Jones joke that they are a package deal. Cheryl is the first friendly face patients see when they inquire about hormones, and she has gone through all the same training that Dr. Fliedner has.

She is also a perfect example of how hormones can benefit people.

“I decided to try it because I had all the classic symptoms, and there was a noticeable difference,” Jones said. “Now, I can share my experiences rather than sharing things second-hand.”

Doctors grow with their practices to help patients more, and Dr. Fliedner and his team prove that.

“I wish to thank all of my patients who have allowed me to help them these 20 years,” Fliedner said. “I look forward to providing continued service.”

Contact North Texas Vitality at 469-455-1665.

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