Monday, August 15, 2022

Lewisville catering biz focuses on delivering sensible meals

Duane and Lisa Price’s Mindful Meals takes the guesswork out of eating healthy and puts sensible nutrition on autopilot.

From 2013 until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Chef Duane and Lisa Price spent most their time serving happy clients at corporate functions, weddings and other special events as Lewisville-based Priceless Caterings.

Since then, the Flower Mound couple has recalibrated their business to emphasize freshly-prepared healthy ready-to-eat meals delivered (contactless) to homes and enterprises through a separate arm of their business called Mindful Meals.

“Before the pandemic about 85 percent of our business was in corporate catering whereas now it’s about 85 percent meal delivery,” said Duane. “Mindful Meals was designed to take the prep out of meal prep for busy soccer moms, time-strapped executives, athletes and health-conscious individuals looking for a convenient way to eat sensibly with healthy ready-to-eat meals in their fridge.”

“Now, with traditional catering suffering amidst COVID, Mindful Meals has been a lifeline for our business and the community as we provide countless essential workers with healthy convenient meals when they need them most. In addition, we’ve been able to safely keep our 12 employees employed with enhanced stringent health and safety protocols.”

Mindful Meals is a safe, healthy, stress-free and cost efficient option for nutritious eating with options starting at $3.95 and discounts for volume packages of meals.

“Ordering Mindful Meals in advance results in thought and planning which reduces bad eating habits and ad-hoc decisions,” Lisa said. “Mindful Meals is all about adding intention to the way we eat – and taking the guesswork out of it.”

Mindful Meals are prepared from scratch and include clean cuts of healthy meats to vegetarian and vegan choices to gluten free, entrees, breakfasts, salads, sensible snacks, guiltless desserts and family and kid-friendly meals. Menus change weekly providing variety and convenience while reducing the need to go to grocery stores. Meals also can be picked up curbside without contact at their Lewisville headquarters.

Mindful Meals serves customers all over Denton County and DFW including Texas Rangers first baseman Ronald Guzman as just one of their happy customers.

“I’ve been getting Mindful Meals delivered for a few months now,” Guzman said. “On top of being super delicious, they’ve really helped keep my nutrition in check as I get ready to start playing ball again.”

Learn more about Mindful Meals at or call 972-984-5220.

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