News from Double Oak Town Hall – July 2018

Double Oak Mayor Mike Donnelly

By Double Oak Mayor Mike Donnelly

Hello Neighbors,

Let’s all get ready to have fun at the Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department’s July 4th parade and picnic.

Storm Causes Damage

A storm came through our town and the area on the evening of June 20 which caused severe damage to resident’s trees and property. The town is working with Waste Management to provide storm debris dumpsters at town hall for residential use. Residents can go to the DFW Landfill twelve times a year. Please check the town website for Storm Debris Information.

Thank you to our own Double Oak Volunteer Fire and Police departments for their response to calls for help during and after the storm. As well, to our neighbors, the Argyle and Flower Mound Fire departments.

Double Oak Code Enforcement

Double Oak’s code enforcement serves the entire community for the protection of health, safety, welfare, environment and property values.

The top five violations found most often are:

1) Tall grass & weeds

2) Street & right-of-way obstructions (trees, tree limbs and bushes)

3) Property Maintenance Standards

4) Parking on grass in front and side yards

5) Illegal signs in the right-of-way

All Double Oak property owners should check now to ensure your properties are in compliance.

Double Oak Code Enforcement is asking residents to immediately inspect their properties for low tree branches hanging over streets, for dead trees along right-of-way and for bushes along streets that need to be trimmed back. This is a safety issue and all residents need to take action immediately to comply with town ordinances.

Code Enforcement will be driving every street and looking for trees, branches or bushes in violation of town ordinance. Code enforcement letters will be sent to those property owners that have violations.

DO NOT WAIT to receive a code enforcement letter. The town requests property owners to take immediate action on trimming of your trees and bushes located along or across town streets.

Double Oak Code Enforcement will take action against properties found to be in violation. The town doesn’t wish to do this; however, non-compliance will result in legal action.

Tree Trimming/Pruning-Public Roadway (Sec. 3.1504)

(a) All property owners of real property on which there are trees in the yard area with branches that extend into or over the space of any street, alley or public roadway shall periodically inspect such trees to determine the extent of overhang or lateral protrusion into or over such streets, alleys, or public roadways.

(b) To prevent scratch damage to motor vehicles, to improve driver visibility, and to promote public safety, overhanging branches of trees shall not extend lower than 12 feet above the surface of any street, alley or public roadway. Tree branches below 12 feet that extend laterally toward the roadway are to be trimmed or pruned back to a distance of not less than 5 feet from the edge of the paved surface of the street, alley, or public roadway or flush with the trunk of the tree if the tree is closer than 5 feet to the edge of the paved portion of the street.

(c) Property owners shall pay particular attention to those conditions where tree branches or foliage may restrict the view of motor vehicle drivers at public road junctions and intersections. Additionally, trees and tree branches that are dead, diseased or otherwise weakened and extend out and over the public roadways and are above the 10-foot height space requirement, shall be considered to be hazardous trees in accordance with the terms of this article and shall be cut at the trunk or, where appropriate, pruned, and removed.

I am happy to meet with our residents at their property to show what work needs to be done. I appreciate your quick attention to this town wide safety issue and, as always, you can contact my office with questions.

Charlie Wright, Code Enforcement Officer, [email protected], 972-539-9464

Whispering Oaks Drive Street Paving Project

With Town Council approval, the engineering work has begun to mill and repave Whispering Oaks Drive this year. The town expects to go out for bids soon, then award the project. Check with Director of Public Works Charlie Wright for more information.

2018-2019 Fiscal Year Budget Planning

Budget discussions began in June to prepare for the next fiscal year which goes in effect on October 1st. The intent of the mayor, council, staff and citizens is to develop the ’18-’19 fiscal year budget with no property tax rate increase and no use of prior year carry-over to balance the budget.

During the budget process, it is being considered to see if it’s possible to slightly lower the current tax rate. The current fiscal year operating budget is balanced without use of reserve funds from the balance sheet.

Double Oak’s ad valorem property tax rate is 0.23240 per $100, which is one of the overall lowest in Denton County and North Texas. Our town recently received another clean and very good annual audit report. The town has little debt and does not have any bond indebtedness.

Double Oak operates on the principle philosophy of pay as we go and maintains a sound financial reserve for emergencies, operations of the town, capital improvements and for unexpected items that pop up. Council welcomes residents to attend our meetings as we proceed preparing the next fiscal year budget.

Planning and Zoning Commission News

The Commission has been reviewing the accessory building ordinance. Their recommendations may be presented to the Town Council in July. Please check with town administration and the website for more information.

5900 Pepperport Lane – Request to Rezone from AG to RE

A public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission was held on June 21 to consider this request. After the public hearing and deliberation, the Commission voted 5-0 to deny the request. A public hearing is set for June 29 to hear the request to plat/replat this property. The rezone and plat/replat public hearings before Town Council will be held on July 2.

Bicyclists and Motorists Share the Road

Bicyclists and motorists are reminded that they share the roads and must obey all traffic laws, posted signs and signals. The Double Oak Police Department will be observing intersections around the town to ensure compliance for public safety. Bicyclists and motorists are subject to receiving citations for speeding and for not making a full-complete stop at stop signs.

The Town of Double Oak wishes all a fun, safe July 4th and summer!

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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