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News From Double Oak Town Hall – April 2016

Double Oak Mayor Mike Donnelly
Double Oak Mayor Mike Donnelly

May 7, 2016 Town of Double Oak One Percent (1%) Sales Tax Election

At the regular council meeting on Monday, January 18, the council approved an ordinance calling for a special election for the adoption of an additional local sales and use tax at the rate of one percent (1%) to be held on May 7, 2016.

The Town of Double Oak currently imposes sales taxes at the combined rate of seven and one-fourth percent (7.25%), of which only one percent (1%) is payable to the Town. Texas law authorizes the Town, upon majority vote of its citizens and passage, to adopt up to one additional percent in sales tax, which may be a combined sales tax to fund proper town operations.

The combined sales tax rate imposed in the Town, if approved, shall be eight and one quarter percent (8.25%), of which two percent would be retained by or paid to the Town. This would match many of our neighboring communities and the additional sales tax revenue would assist the town in keeping one of the overall lowest property tax rates in Denton County. The revenue will go to the town’s general sales tax account and help fund public safety (EMS, Fire, Police) and street maintenance.

The ballot will read: Town of Double Oak Sales and Use Tax Proposition – The adoption of a local sales and use tax in the Town of Double Oak at the rate of one percent (1%). (For/Against)

May 2016 Double Oak Town Council Municipal Election (3 Seats)

This year’s town council municipal election was uncontested, therefore, it has been cancelled. Congratulations to incumbents Anita Nelson and Ted Gruenloh for your continued service. Welcome and congratulations to Andrew Wills on joining town council. Double Oak recognizes and thanks John Dondrea for his years of dedicated service. Town staff will coordinate a date for the swearing-in and a reception.

Discussion on an ordinance prohibiting the use of a hand held electronic device while operating a motor vehicle

Councilman Ted Gruenloh has requested that the town consider such an ordinance, meaning it would be illegal to hold and use a cell phone or any electronic device while driving. Councilman Gruenloh is spending time researching other municipalities that have either adopted such an ordinance or are in the process of discussing it. He and the council would like to hear residents’ thoughts on this matter. Council meetings are normally the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. Feel free to send an email to Town Secretary Charlotte Allen at [email protected] and she will make sure your email reaches council.

FM 407 Business Park Retail Center plans submitted for consideration

The landowner/developer of the property next to Double Oak Vet on FM 407 has proposed developing an 18,000 square foot retail center. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted 7 – 0 on February 25th, 2016 to recommend approval to the town council. The town council held its public hearing on March 7th and took up discussion on the item at its March 21 meeting. After a lot of input and discussion, the applicant requested that the agenda item be tabled and council voted to table to a future meeting.

Spring Newsletter – Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring weather can make a mess of your yard and our local waterways.  Here are a few tips for getting your landscape back in shape and keeping local lakes, streams and rivers clean:

Avoid putting any permanent structures in flood prone areas of your yard and try to keep those areas clear during the spring. Spring storms can create standing water and voluntary streams that wash loose dirt and debris out of your yard and into creeks and roadside ditches where they are carried downstream to local waterways.

Keep grass clippings, leaves and debris out of local streams and wetlands. Compost your yard waste or dispose of it in your street-side pick-up. Yard waste that ends up in wetlands or streams contributes to algal growth in the summer, making the water green and smelly.

Stabilize your soil and increase infiltration by planting deep-rooted native plants or trees. The roots of turf grass extend only two to three inches into the soil, giving it little ability to hang on when the water flows. Native flowers and grasses, on the other hand, can have root systems four to twelve feet deep! These deep roots anchor the plants and keep soil from washing away. They also increase the amount of water the soil can absorb, meaning that more water sinks in to recharge groundwater aquifers and less ends up in the storm drain.

If you live along a stream or wetland, it is important to maintain a healthy un-mowed buffer along your shoreline. A shoreline or stream bank planted in trees and native plants will hold the soil steady when it rains. Buffers also catch and filter many of the pollutants found in storm water runoff.

In Memory of Municipal Court Judge Angie Warner

The Hon. Judge Angie Warner passed away on March 9, 2016. Angie had a long history of public service beginning as a court secretary and eventually serving as a city manager for a Dallas suburb. She served as the municipal judge for Double Oak and many other towns throughout Denton County over her career. She always spoke highly and lovingly of her family and especially her grandkids. Judge Warner served with Honor and with Respect of the Law. God Bless Judge Warner and her family.

Double Oak appoints Municipal Court Judges

The Double Oak Municipal Court announces the following appointments and welcomes Presiding Judge Hon. Greg Bertrand and alternate Judges Hon. Robin Ramsey and Hon. Gilland Chenault to the Double Oak Municipal Court bench.

Waste Management discusses recycle mishandling with cities

Waste Management officials, at this time, continue to have discussions with Double Oak and other cities that had residents’ recycling mishandled. Discussions center on an amount of credit/refund owed to customers and weekly route service issues. As of this writing, the weekly route service issues have shown improvement under the new local Waste Management team. They have route supervisors spot checking areas and also noting if customer carts are at the street when trucks come by. To ensure your carts and bags are serviced on Fridays, residents need to have everything street side at 7 a.m. Friday mornings.

Double Oak Town Secretary Charlotte Allen Celebrates 14 Years

Our charming and kind Town Secretary Charlotte Allen will celebrate her 14 year employment anniversary on April 8th. Everyone loves her and we all appreciate her. She is very professional when it comes to her work and ensuring town records are kept and secure. She also has a softer side that loves to talk and she has been the Town Ambassador during her town career. If you are by town hall, stop in and say hi and wish her congratulations. Thank you and congratulations Charlotte.  We all love you dearly.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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