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Foodie Friday: New menu items and a notable Guest Foodie at Z Grill

Foodie_Friday_ZGrill_Jay_MarksWritten by Jay Marks

When eating at Z Grill & Tap with my wife recently, owner Al Abbood informed me that they were featuring some great new items on their menu that we needed to come in and try out.

And as a way to mix things up a little this week, we decided to invite a very special guest to our Foodie Friday meal – former Flower Mound Mayor Pro Tem, Jean Levenick! It was so much fun to get to know her better and discuss our wonderful town over some delicious food.

Jean is actually a big fan of our blog (celebrity endorsement?) and was so glad we thought to invite her out with us – and she was a total Foodie Friday pro!

If you’ve never heard me talk about Z Grill before, shame on me… or you. It’s truly one of my favorite Foodie Friday spots we’ve ever featured and I love going back frequently to visit Al and his staff.

Chef Benny Benigno has actually been at Z Grill for around 15 years, even before Al took over the restaurant. And his impeccable training in American cuisine shines through in each dish he creates. What I truly love and admire about him is that he’s always seeking out opportunities to learn and grow as a chef, which leads to great new dishes like the ones we tried today!

With our appetizers, we ordered one of our favorites, the Filet Mignon Canapes which is sliced filet mignon served on top of roasted pineapple. The velvety texture of the beef pairs perfectly with the acidity of the pineapple – I love this dish!

We also ordered one of their new appetizers, the Pulled Pork Nachos which have pulled pork, black beans, cheese, onion, green peppers and chives topped with a chipotle bbq sauce and sour cream. They were absolutely incredible as well… not to mention humongous! So be sure you go with about 10 other people if you want to order these nachos.

Then we ordered some of their new entree items including the Veggie Sandwich with fresh avocado, grilled red onion, grilled zucchini, mushrooms and cheese; Cayenne Peppered Cod Filets topped with a lemon caper butter sauce and served with a vegetable risotto; and the Stuffed Chicken Breakfast full of pepper jack cheese and spinach and topped with a jalapeno bearnaise sauce.

And there’s no way we could leave without some of our favorite dessert – the Chocolate Ganache cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This cake never disappoints and I’m never upset after eating it! It can honestly turn any bad day into a good day. Seriously, try it.

What I always tell people is to remember that Z Grill is more than just a sports bar – it really is a great local restaurant that serves up incredible American cuisine and offers a fun, inviting atmosphere for everyone. So, go check out their food and some of their live music this weekend and maybe I’ll even see you there!    Thank you Jean Levenick for joining us!   Thank you so much for your time in service to our town.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, Foodies! Stay safe, travel safe and eat deliciously!

Jay Marks writes the Foodie Friday each week. You can read his blog at http://iamjaymarks.wordpress.com

Jay Marks
Jay Markshttp://iamjaymarks.wordpress.com
Realtor Jay Marks reviews local restaurants each week.

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