Meet Liberty Christian's Golden Apple award winner

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Congratulations to Liberty Christian biology, anatomy, and physiology teacher Jamie Michalek who won Liberty’s Golden Apple Teacher Award for the 2013–2014 school year.

The award recognizes teachers who have consistently displayed concern for students’ achievement outside and inside the classroom, and have taught at Liberty for at least five years. Golden Apple award winners display consistent, high-quality, engaging classroom innovation.

“All of the teachers here at Liberty would have been excellent choices for this award,” said Mrs. Michalek. “I want to see students in my classes succeed at a high level, just like all of Liberty’s teachers. 

“In addition to my subject matter, I want to teach students time management skills, note-taking skills, and study skills because these are skills they will use for a lifetime.”

Mrs. Michalek is also the Middle School Girls Athletic Coordinator, and she coaches volleyball and track.

Science Department Chair Heather Lytle said it was a pleasure announcing the recipient of this award, as Mrs. Michalek has encouraged the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of her students in the 13 years she has been at Liberty.

“Mrs. Michalek is gifted with the ability to master and communicate across the different branches of science, making her a valued part of our team,” Mrs. Lytle said. “She enjoys interactions with her students of all ages, and she creativity implements new technology and methods in her classroom. She never backs away from a challenge.”

Mrs. Michalek first started teaching in 1996, and she has a degree in biology, and a second degree in chemistry and a minor in kinesiology, with an emphasis in human anatomy.

“I have taught about every science class in Middle and Upper School,” Mrs. Michalek said. “My students learn to look at life and the human body through the lens of the Bible. They also enjoy hands-on learning in labs and activities so that they learn to apply and analyze science, not just learn facts.

“I also want my students to learn how to work as a team to come up with answers to questions, and to listen to ideas that may be different from their own.”

In the area of developing students in the athletic realm, Mrs. Michalek has coached various groups of Lady Warriors.

Mrs. Lytle said, “The volleyball and track programs specifically have gained from her influence and leadership. She appreciates the value of developing athletes, knowing that consistency and excellence are prime goals.”

Mrs. Michalek has also displayed leadership in the spiritual life at Liberty. She trains students for each annual spring break mission trip overseas. She also teaches a girls Bible study during her lunch period, and she often participates in the annual 8th grade Wilderness Trip.

Mrs. Lytle concluded, “Mrs. Michalek exemplifies the mark of a teacher who cares about the hearts of her students. She appreciates the role of a teacher in the character development of a young person and igniting a spark for lifelong learning.”

Vivian Nichols handles communications at Liberty Christian School.

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