Flower Mound council approves master plan changes

After much discussion and many meetings over the past few months, Flower Mound Town Council members made amendments to the town’s Master Plan on Monday night that guides future development.

Changes approved to the Cross Timbers Conservation Development Area (CTCDD) along FM 1171 in west Flower Mound will allow for clustered half-acre residential lots for greater conservation of scenic vistas and open space.

Residential development in the CTCDD was previously capped at one house per every two acres or one-acre lots with a 50-percent conservation easement.

“I think clustering will give us another tool in the tool box to preserve more open space,” said council member Bryan Webb. “If we ignore this option we would be violating our fiduciary duty to the master plan which is to preserve and maintain the rural atmosphere and I believe that is best done by maximizing the amount of open space.”

Development plans must contain a mixture of lot sizes and developers must notify neighboring property owners of their intent to use clustered development. The changes were approved by council with a 4-1 vote.

Council members voted 4-1 to deny the installation of a sewer system in the CTCDD, but directed town staff to study clustered or decentralized sewer systems.

Amendments to the Lakeside District in southern Flower Mound would allow a mixture of uses, including retail and limited residential that support the overall development of the area which is primarily zoned for campus commercial uses. The changes passed with a 5-0 vote.

The amendments resulted from a Master Plan Review process that started on August 5th and involved more than 400 people. The town also had two conservation groups review the proposed changes.

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