Flower Mound council delays vote on master plan changes

At the conclusion of a marathon six-and-a-half hour meeting Monday night, Flower Mound Town Council members postponed voting on several proposed amendments to the town’s Master Plan until Dec. 16.

The additional time is being provided to give residents more opportunities to ask questions and get a better understanding of the changes under consideration, according to town officials.

The proposed amendments resulted from a Master Plan Review process that started on August 5th and involved more than 400 people. The town also had two conservation groups review the proposed changes.

Two areas of town, the Lakeside Business District and the Cross Timbers Conservation Development Area, are being looked at for potential changes addressing density levels and resident involvement in the design of future development. Drafts of the proposed changes can be found on the town’s website.

Amendments being considered to Lakeside in southern Flower Mound would allow a mixture of uses, including retail and residential, that support the overall development of the area which is primarily zoned for campus commercial uses.

Proposed changes to the Cross Timbers Conservation Development Area (CTCDD) along FM 1171 in west Flower Mound would allow for clustered half-acre residential lots with more land set aside as open space along with the installation of a sewer system.

Residential development in the CTCDD is currently capped at one house per every two acres or one-acre lots with a 50-percent conservation easement.

The meeting was attended by more than 50 people and discussion was primarily centered on amendments proposed for the CTCDD.

Residents opposed to the CTCDD changes expressed concern over the speed of the review process and questioned whether the proposed amendments were in keeping with the vision set out in the Master Plan. Many residents who spoke expressed opposition to any additional development.

“We moved here 18 years ago because of the beauty of Flower Mound and my vision for the area is to leave it the way it is and conserve the beauty of it,” said west Flower Mound resident Gabrielle Sceikart.

Attendees in support of the CTCDD amendments argued that the changes would better ensure the vision of the Master Plan is fulfilled by providing methods that provide for greater conservation of scenic vistas and open space.  Several large land owners spoke in favor of the changes, saying that it would make it easier for them to eventually develop their land.

“The changes that are proposed I think are good ones because it incentivizes the builders and developers to protect the things that make the area as beautiful as it is,” said Rob Paul, a Flower Mound resident and division president of Toll Brothers Homes.

Council asked the town staff to provide more details related to CTCDD amendments and to make sure everyone in town knows about the upcoming meetings and proposed changes.

“We need to find a balance for everybody, not just one group or the other. We have to find some middle ground where we can make it work for all,” said Mayor Tom Hayden.

A public hearing will be held at Town Hall during the two week postponement to give residents the opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the proposed changes. Details on the meeting will be published on the town’s website when they become available.

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