An outpouring of generosity

Flower Mound residents opened their hearts and wallets for Moore, Okla. tornado victims last week.

After a suggestion to assist the town’s residents was posted Wednesday on Facebook by Flower Mound Mayor Tom Hayden, residents stepped up and donated over $12,000 in store, restaurant and gas gift cards in three days.

Hayden and council members Jean Levenick and Bryan Webb delivered the gift cards on Sunday to Moore officials who will distribute them to those impacted by the tornado.

After touring the area, Hayden said he was amazed at the destruction.

“If you can imagine a giant bulldozer a mile wide that just pushed everything for 15 miles, that’s what it looks like,” said Hayden.

“As I walk through the streets and just stood on foundations, the people gathering what was left of their homes just had blank stares on their faces.”

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