Community service based on steady, thoughtful leadership

I grew up with a strong desire to serve based on my parent’s example. Helping my country and the communities I live in has been a central part of my life.  My Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning degree and service in the U.S. Army Reserve allowed me to defend, analyze and build the communities I called home.  After changing my career focus from land use planning to institutional, investment management, I continued to use my skills in various volunteer roles in service to my communities.

During the last ten years, I am proud to say I have helped Flower Mound and its residents through many administrations.  These different administrations (Mayors Deluca, Smith, Northern and Hayden) have often taken different views on development and the business community.  Through the spirited debates in late 1990s over the Master Plan and SMARTGrowth and all of the fights that followed, I always kept the lines of communication open by approaching the various elected officials with respect and an open mind.  This approach has allowed me to cultivate and maintain friendships with people on either side of a given issue.

I do not jump impulsively to conclusions since that never has been and never will be my style.  Also, I do not believe residents are well served by elected officials or candidates that sensationalize issues.  We must take the time to gather facts, and speak with the individuals directly involved in order to produce good decision making.  My experience has been that by not doing so leads to poor results, delays and needless splits in our community.

Over the past few weeks, residents have asked me about my opponent, Joy Bowen.  Like many residents, I really do not know much about her other than she was a vocal opponent of LISD’s proposed school rezoning.  In a recent editorial, Ms. Bowen seemed to be advocating for a return to a more confrontational approach to Town government.

Since last year’s election, the Flower Mound’s Council debates have been calm and thoughtful.  Council members do not always agree with each other, but the debates are constructive and factual in nature.  I am proud to say that on many topics I have successfully worked with Council to broaden their understanding of challenging issues facing our community concerning development and transportation.  I have also helped bring an appreciation of Flower Mound’s history to the discussions.  If elected, I will continue to work with all of the other members of Council to ensure that the history of Flower Mound is respected while moving the Town forward in accordance with our Master Plan.

Encouraging balanced, suitable growth in Flower Mound takes experience, experience I have. This May 11th, I ask that you vote for steady, thoughtful leadership.

Please vote for Mike Walker for Flower Mound Town Council, Place 1.

Michael J. Walker
Candidate for Town Council – Town of Flower Mound, Place 1
Flower Mound, TX


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