Education foundation fundraiser hits milestone

In its 10th year of existence, the annual Black Diamond Affair has become a great source of fundraising for the Argyle Education Foundation.

This year’s theme is “Back in Black,” and foundation Director of Operations, Mary Stein, said the organization came up with the idea based on a plan it created.

“We talked about getting ‘back’ to basics,” Stein said. “All the funds we create go ‘back’ into the school district, we’re trying to skim ‘back’ on the expenses of the event, and make it all about the kids, and we just started joking about the whole ‘Back in Black,” AC/DC theme.

“It’s just basically getting back to the basics of education and how we can help the kids.”

The Black Diamond Affair will be held on Saturday, March 2, at the DFW Marriott Hotel & Golf Club at Champions Circle on Hwy 114, south of the Texas Motor Speedway.

Since the Argyle Education Foundation’s formation 11 years ago, the organization has donated more than $600,000 to the Argyle School District.

Stein said the importance of the Black Diamond Affair each year cannot be underestimated, as it provides the bulk of the funds that the education foundation donates.

“The Black Diamond Affair is the major fundraiser for the foundation,” Stein said. “It has been the largest contributing factor to the funds we’ve made for the district.”

The event raised $80,000 last year, and the goal is to make more than $100,000 this year.

“If the community is with us, and we can do some things right, we are really hoping we can push it back up towards $100,000,” Stein said. “Anything we can put back into the district, we are happy with, but we would like to see it up in that area again.”

Stein said the organization needs volunteers in all areas, along with table sponsors, bar sponsors, casino sponsors and special area sponsors.

Contact Stein at [email protected] for information on how to donate.

Stein said she anticipates the Black Diamond Affair being a big success, and said there are a couple of things she hopes people understand about the event.

“It provides funds to help us in our mission to provide educational excellence for the district,” Stein said.

“Number two, it is an avenue to bring the community and businesses together to support the district, and really show that public education is viable and strong, and of real benefit to the town of Argyle and the surrounding area.”

Learn more by visiting the Argyle Education Foundation website.

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