Coach Kelli: The Step That Changes Everything

The idea of change frightens some and thrills others.  Can you think of someone who seems to thrive on change is spontaneous and the first one to sign up for an activity? Maybe you are that champion for change. Or maybe you are slow to start, dig your heels in at the thought of something new and hold tight to your habits and traditions.  Make no mistake, world changers and people who live fulfilling lives take that first step – that leap of faith that has the power to transform, even if they don’t have all the answers.

Resisting change will hold you back.  Embracing positive change allows for the best opportunities for health, friendships, skills, career, relationships and more.  The resistance we build up is based on F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real.  The sad part is that while you are drawing your line in the sand, someone else is getting what you wanted and your old habits are keeping you stuck, missing out on all that is possible.

I recall one woman; we’ll call her Terri, who contacted me to join boot camp, but believed she would be the oldest, fattest and slowest person in camp.  I assured her none of those things would be true.  Ultimately she abandoned her defeating thinking and joined in.  She released 35 pounds and became the most fit in her adult life.  Her husband joined and lost over 35 pounds.  Their teenage daughter attended, helping to build her fitness after a chronic illness.  Her adult daughters now want to walk with their mom.  Terri is no longer a spectator.  She runs 5K races and is the one who encourages others to be active.  One decision to join boot camp changed Terri’s life for the better.

Think about it, no one loves having braces, but if the goal is to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile people are willing to endure the process.  You can keep smiling with your lips closed, just like you can continue to cover up your body at the pool!  Boot camp simply takes a commitment to showing up with a great attitude.  It’s not humiliating, grueling, embarrassing, defeating, painful or impossible.  Just challenging. 

What if you’re wrong in your impression about boot camp?  I recall another woman. We will call her Mickey from Bartonville.  She came to boot camp this past winter after hearing about if for years.  She listened to her friends rave about camp. She watched their bodies transform before her eyes.  She continued to exercise on her own resisting taking that step.  When she finally joined, she used the word “addicted” and vowed to attend 3 mornings a week year round. Her body has transformed and she is fitter, leaner, faster, stronger and firmer.   

Here is what camper Dianne from Argyle says, “I think the term “boot camp” makes people think of military training. Perhaps they picture lots of endless running and push-ups.  That not the case.  Everyone works at their own pace and does what they feel comfortable with.  Little by little they see they can achieve more as they get stronger.  Watching others succeed makes you want to do more.  We are accountable to someone else who is encouraging us every step of the way.  It only took a couple of classes and I was hooked because it made me feel so good, so strong and so confident.   It’s all about personal goals and I want to be healthy and strong as I get older.  The only way to do this is to exercise hard.  Plus it’s great to see the sunrise every morning and know my workout is finished!”  

The step that changes everything is just a step away. It may involve going to the Adventure Boot Camp website ( and registering for the next camp or calling a friend to join camp with you.  Don’t let misconceptions about what boot camp is stop you from taking the step that can positively influence your exercise, eating, sleeping and other lifestyle habits.  Guilt, fear or regret are less successful motivators when taking the step.  Moving towards a positive outcome is the best mindset to for lasting change.

Camper Kim from Lantana says, “One thing I love is that unlike DVD workouts (like P90X) when I show up I have no idea what we are going to do so I have no time to dread it.  That is a problem for me when I go to the gym.  I get in a rut or go to classes that are pretty much always structured the same.  With boot camp every day is a surprise!”

If what you are doing is not working for you, imagine how much better Terri, Mickey, Dianne and Kim are feeling. You can too.  Taking a step can be hard when you don’t have a plan, but Argyle Adventure Boot Camp has it all covered for you from the productive workouts and fitness assessments to a detoxifying meal plan, daily e-mails and the support of an  international master trainer with 25 years experience. 

For the first time, you can take a small step and register for a week of boot camp for $39. It’s your chance to find out first-hand how you can replace your old thinking and your old body.  Ready to take the step that can change everything?

Kelli Calabrese MS is the international Master Coach of Adventure Boot Camp.  She was interviewed for Jillian Michael’s position on NBC’s the Biggest Loser and is the fitness expert for Montel Williams.  She is an executive consultant with Isagenix, a founder of Beyond Organic and owner of Divine Health studio.  For more information, go to, e-mail [email protected] or call 817-490-1296.

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