Focus is the name of the game for FMHS senior

Aaron Horikami is a modern day Renaissance Man.

An Eagle Scout, football player and National Honor Society member, the Flower Mound High School senior has done a lot during his four years of high school and said it hasn’t always been easy.

Horikami said, in order to stay on top of things, he tries to employ good time management skills.

“My parents help me keep a good routine, but the main thing is that whatever I am doing at the moment, whether it be boy scouts, football or school, I always try to focus completely on that while I am doing it,” Horikami said.

The Flower Mound senior said that one of the activities in which he is involved does stand out at the moment as his favorite.

“Boy scouts has become one of my favorite things, mainly because I grew up with all of the boys that were in my troop,” Horikami said. “We like spending time together, and even though I did not enjoy boy scouts when I was younger as much as I do now, it has really grown on me.”

Horikami, who ranks 66th in a class of 777 students at Flower Mound, said he has narrowed his college choices down to two at this point.

“I’ve gotten into BYU, and I’m considering that,” Horikami said. “I’ve also applied to West Point, and I should be hearing soon whether or not I have been accepted. I have not decided which of the two I will attend, yet.”

Horikami has been offered an ROTC scholarship to Brigham Young and received a Congressional Nomination to West Point from Congressmen Michael Burgess.

Horikami said he is not sure what he plans to study in college, but said he really likes chemistry and might pursue something in that field.

The Flower Mound senior said attending FMHS has meant a lot to him.

“The teachers are great,” Horikami said. “I’ve never been in a class where the teacher didn’t teach me what I need to know. Every class that I have been in, people have focused on their studies, which has helped me too, with just the attitude of the students and the atmosphere of the school. It’s been great.”

Horikami is an OrthoTexas Outstanding Student of the Month for May 2012.

Horikami’s Favorites:
Favorite Athlete: Ichiro Suzuki
Favorite Sports team: Dallas Mavericks
Favorite Dinner: Shoyu Chicken
Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings Series
Favorite Musical Group or Performer: Hans Zimmer
Book Currently Reading: The Hunger Games

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