NFL panders to seniors

My recent letter to the editor challenging NFL’s statement that they ‘Opened first free standing senior center’ has caused quite a stir among seniors and interested residents.

I explained this ‘temporary’ senior center was designated before NFL was elected, I further stated the town has no plans to move to a permanent facility.

Alas, NFL took note and decided that election time was a great time to counter my statement with an announcement at the April 16th council meeting suggesting a Blue Ribbon committee be created to address a permanent center..

A blue, green or orange ribbon committee is not required. The Parks Master Plan published April, 2010 is complete with all the spec’s required to move ahead with this center. The last remaining item is arranging finance. This is another example of NFL pandering.

Then NFL said at the Republican Club’s candidate forum how proud they are to announce a senior housing project, Orchard Flower, with housing for sale averaging $300,000+.  Many months ago the town pushed this developer away from a reasonable senior rental housing complex which P&Z had approved and NFL denied. Now, after working with the town for years on this project at the same location, spending millions to get to this point, the developers are looking just to get out of town with something.

Many of our seniors are here in Flower Mound because of our children and grandchildren. They have established lasting senior friendships and want to remain here. We want a reasonable senior rental complex.  Let’s stop pushing empty nesters out of our town.

Enough of this type of political nonsense. Vote for Steve Dixon, Bryan Webb and Tom Hayden. Common sense approach for all  Flower Mound residents. Seniors included.

Denis Toth
Flower Mound, TX

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