Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

Police and paramedics tended to a 42-year-old unconscious Justin woman who had fallen off a makeshift sled that was being pulled by a pickup truck.  The woman also suffered facial lacerations.

A new home salesperson in Country Lakes reported a suspicious man going door to door soliciting for concrete cleaning.  He told police that the middle aged man did not leave any brochures or contact information and it did not appear that he was actually doing what he said he was doing.

Police were called to Harpool Middle School in Lantana after a parent threatened a referee and was interfering with a youth sports game. 

A woman in the 500 block of Skyridge Drive called police to report that there was a huge snake in her kitchen.  An animal control officer responded and assisted the woman.

The owner of Johnny Joe’s gas station wanted to press charges against his gas company because he claimed they damaged his diesel gas pump hose after removing it over a billing dispute.  Police advised him that it was a civil issue. 

A Double Oak man in the 400 block of Cross Timbers Drive called police after an unknown person started banging on his front door at 6:00 a.m. and yelling for him to open the door. The suspect left before police arrived.

An officer was summoned to the police station after receiving a call from an employee that a very intoxicated man was in the station’s lobby.

Police responded to a theft report from a resident in the 400 block of C Taylor Road. The resident said that his safe and a canoe were taken by his landlord.  Police spoke to both parties and the landlord agreed to return the property and settle up on money the tenant owed some other way.

A woman called police and said that she was concerned because she saw a horse lying on the ground in the heat. An officer visited the horse’s owner who said that the horse lies in the sun every day. The officer confirmed that the horse was in good shape.

The owner of a hair salon on Hwy 377 called police to report that a suspicious man was at the business asking for gas money and would not leave.  Police responded and were unable to locate the man.

Police dispatchers received a call from a man who said he was new to this country and needed directions from his location on I-35W in Argyle to his home in Garland, TX.  The dispatcher tried to give the man directions over the phone, but he said that he did not understand and requested that an officer meet him.  The officer located the man and sent him on his way.

An Argyle woman called police to ask that they disperse a crowd of news reporters who showed up at their home and wanted to speak to her husband about something he did at his place of employment.

Police responded to numerous disturbances between family members at a home in the 300 block of Redbud Street regarding a pending eviction. 

A concerned Country Lakes resident called police about a young boy and girl frolicking in the pool area at night after the pool was closed.  She said that kids in the pool area at night was a common problem and requested more police patrols.

Police responded to a disturbance at Subway on Country Club Road after a man, who has a restraining order against him, showed up and threw a sandwich at one of the employees during an altercation.  The man then left the area but later called and threatened restaurant employees.  

A woman on Bains Court called police because she could not find her two dogs after returning home from an outing at the lake.  After a brief search, the dogs were found in an upstairs closet.  The officer noted that the dogs probably shut themselves in the closet while eating candy that was left there.

Police responded to a burglary in progress call in the 800 block of Sam Davis Road and took a man into custody.  The homeowner said that the man, who was working on an AC unit at another house on the farm, entered his home without permission, used the bathroom and was discovered in the kitchen pouring a glass of milk when his wife came out of the shower. The homeowner threatened to beat the man up if he tried to leave before police arrived.

Originally published in the October 2011 issues of The Cross Timbers Gazette

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