Reclaiming Texas For Christ

It comes as no surprise that citizens here in Texas are unhappy with the state of affairs in our nation. Texas remains one of the most conservative states in America.  All across the country, families are struggling to make ends meet with a high unemployment rate, the nation is split on many political and moral issues, and many deny that we are a Judeo-Christian nation.

Here in North Texas a group of concerned citizens are determined to make a difference.   On October 20th, Reclaiming Texas For Christ will hold their second annual FREE conference for pastors, lay leaders, and everyday citizens who are concerned about the crumbling of this nation’s spiritual foundation.

An impressive array of speakers will headline this year’s conference.  In this FREE afternoon conference, attendees will hear from Timothy Barton of nationally recognized WallBuilders, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Erik Stanley of the Alliance Defense Fund, Pastor Geoffrey Cohen of Gateway Church, Dan Panetti of Prestonwood Church, and talk show host Kerby Anderson of Point of View Ministries.

Topics that will be discussed include America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage, Discerning the Times, Exposing the Radical Muslim Agenda in the U.S., Why America Should Support Israel, Defending our Religious First Amendment Rights, and importantly, “How Christians Can Be Salt and Light In A Decaying and Darkening World.”

We welcome all who are seeking a Biblical response to the critical shaking of America’s foundation, who believe that America is in crisis – not just politically, financially or morally, but because our nation has not honored God in its successes or humbly called on Him in its struggles.  This is not a political event and is not supported by any one church or denomination.

While the conference is free, reservations are required to attend.  The conference will be held on Thursday afternoon, October 20, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Lakeland Baptist Church in Lewisville, TX.  To register go to or call 940-268-8935.

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