Oh that America would be one nation under God again!

Ten years ago, a day that started off as a beautiful day in New York City turned into one of the most tragic days in the history of the United States.

The cold war was over, the Soviet empire had collapsed and there did not seem to any existential threats for America. But America was wrong, America did have an enemy, an enemy that had sworn to destroy her and everything she stood for.

Radical Islam had influenced young Egyptian and Saudi men to be part of one of the most evil and gruesome terrorist attacks ever. They came with a ruthless plan to knock down some of the most iconic structures of America that represented the robustness, strength and values of this great republic.

Thousands of innocent Americans who went to work or had just taken a flight fell to the terror of radical Islam, Children separated forever from their parents, parents from their children, husbands from their wives, wives from their husbands, siblings from siblings, co-workers from co-workers. Death had cast an ugly shadow on a radiant America, a beacon of hope for the world. Sadness, grief and gloom spread not only on America but across the world as people from 90 different countries died that day. The worst terrorist attack on America snatched our best and finest. A total of 2,996 civilians, military personnel, policemen, firemen and paramedics died that day.

Those who experienced the pain of that day will never forget how their hearts bled for America. You might have hugged your family a bit tighter that day. As America mourned, the world wondered if she would ever heal again.

It was incredible to see America rise from the ashes. There was no Republican or Democrat there was only American. Church bells chimed, and people of America flocked to churches. It was now ok to pray in the name of Jesus on secular television and radio. Would this tragedy lead America to a spiritual awakening? It looked like it was going to.

The night of 9/11/01 this new immigrant to America fell in love with this great country. We knew immediately God was separating us for the Gospel.

As I started traveling with our story, it was incredible to see thousands turn out all across this country. People were coming to Jesus, faith was healing America. Sadly, this lasted only a few months and then we went back and embraced the God-less secular culture as before.

10 years have now passed and we have two wars going on – Iraq and Afghanistan, our economy is broke and we still have real threats posed by radical Islamists.

Not only are we financially bankrupt but we are also spiritually bankrupt. America now has the third largest population on unchurched people.

We have moved away from our Judeo- Christian principles that have been the bed rock of this country.

Would you take a moment as a family the weekend of September 11, 2011 to fast one meal for your land. We need God desperately in America.

America will always be the country where liberty smiles. Believe that and inspire your children with this truth this very special weekend.

If you are a first responder or military personnel reading this then – Thank you! America is indebted to you.

God bless America!

Sujo John and his wife Mary are survivors of the 9/11 attacks. Sujo worked on the 81st floor of the North Tower, Mary worked on the 71st floor of the South Tower. Since 9/11 they have dedicated their lives to the spreading of the Gospel to America and the nations of the world. They call Lantana, TX home and attend Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. They are blessed with 3 children – Jeremy, Sophie and Jayden. Read about their ministry at www.sujojohn.com.

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