Sergeant Bobbie, RIP

A key player in the early days of Double Oak died recently; Bobbie Braud (Police Sergeant Bobbie to many of us). 

Rick Braud was an early Double Oak mayor who was asked to serve as police chief.  Rick was joined by his wife, Bobbie, on the force and she soon became an institution in town. 

They lived on ten acres at the intersection of Waketon Road and Chin Chapel Road where they raised and cared for horses.  Bobbie went to work full time in the police department rising to the rank of sergeant.  Since Rick kept his full time employment while serving as part time chief, Bobbie became the face of Double Oak policing.

Rick patrolled the Double Oak streets nights and weekends.  They were both dedicated to the town.  Vacations never took them far from town so they could be here in an emergency.  They loved their work for the town but I’m sure that they were relieved when they finally retired and could take a real vacation.

Some of our residents still have horses.  Not as many now as in the early days.  Sometimes you’d see horses walking the streets unaccompanied by owners.  I think Bobbie knew them all by name and would lead the escapees’ home. 

One of the buzzwords in policing has been “community policing”.  Rick and Bobbie exemplified that principal.  They knew everyone in town and everyone knew them.  On Halloween, both police cars would be manned and active but full of Halloween candy to be distributed to the kids out roaming the streets. 

They also could identify the resident’s cars.  I used to ride with Rick, and one Halloween, he casually had a brief conversation with the occupants of a stopped car.  It was a group from out of town.  Of course he didn’t stop their door-to-door activities but they knew that he knew they weren’t from ‘round here’.

One time, Bobbie had been alerted that an armed felon with a warrant out against him was in the area.  Bobbie found him during her patrol and stopped him.  I think her approach was something like this, “OK, guy.  One or both of us could get badly hurt!  Please come quietly.”  The man surrendered peacefully.  I think that was a wise move on his part.  Bobbie was by nature, a kind, peaceful person but she was also one tough Texan.

I really miss the Brauds.  They loved and supported our town.

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