Conservation urged after water pipeline breaks

Lantana officials are asking residents to cut back on water usage after a major Upper Trinity Regional Water District pipeline broke.

On July 12th, a raw water pipeline running from Lake Chapman to the Tom Harpool Treatment Plant was taken out of service due to a major leak, according to Lantana General Manager, Kevin Mercer.

“As a result, we were notified that we are now in Stage 1 – Water Wise of the Drought Contingency Plan,” said Mercer.

Stage 1 asks for voluntary reductions in water usage and is geared primarily at raising public awareness of the ongoing drought conditions.

“The goal of stage 1 is to achieve a 1% reduction in water usage. Please make every effort possible to reduce water consumption until further notice,” said Mercer.

Contact the Lantana Fresh Water Supply District with questions at 940-728-5050.

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