Hail storm cleanup continues

Residents of Lantana, Argyle and the surrounding areas of southern Denton County continue to deal with the aftermath of a nasty hail storm that pummeled the area on Tuesday morning.

Roofing and glass replacement companies swarmed the community Tuesday, surveying damage and boarding up shattered windows, while residents broke out their brooms and power blowers to clean up the mess made by Mother Nature in the wee hours of the morning.

“We had over 100 calls for help yesterday,” said Carla Shellis, owner of Shellis Roofing in Argyle.

Shellis said that she is concerned about the out of town companies that have descended on the area.

“The state of Texas does not require roofers to register with the state or get a license or certification,” said Shellis.

“Make sure to ask them how long they have been in business and find out where their office is. Also ask if they carry general liability insurance.”

Insurance adjusters are scrambling to the area as well.

“We’ve had 1150 claims for damage to homes in this area from the storm so far and we project around 2000 will be filed,” said Laurie Leon with State Farm Insurance.

Leon said that 850 auto claims were filed already with a projected total of 1200-1500.

The evidence of severe storms is still widespread in Lantana two days after ping pong ball sized hail ripped through windows, dented vehicles, denuded trees and shrubbery, damaged roofs and took chunks out of fences and shutters.

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