Precinct 4 Road Projects Update

I would like to give an update on some Denton County funded projects that are nearing completion, and also provide an update on some exciting new transportation projects we are beginning.

Two significant roadway improvements within the Town of Copper Canyon are progressing in a timely manner and they are Chinn Chapel Road and Orchid Hill Lane. These are both town roads, and Denton County included their reconstruction in our TRIP ’08 Bond Election.

Chinn Chapel – The goal of this project was to improve the driving surface and also improve the drainage to reduce flooding of the right-of-way which negatively impacted the road condition and safety of the traveling public. The project was divided into two phases. The first phase from Harlington Road to Waite Drive is complete. The second phase from Waite Drive to the Town of Copper Canyon southern limits will be open to public by the end of June assuming no weather delays. The contractor is currently installing the storm line headwalls and inlets. Once the headwalls and inlets are completed, the grading of the ditches and roadway preparation will begin.

Orchid Hill Lane – The project limits for this roadway are Copper Canyon Road to FM 2499. Orchid Hill Lane has four construction phases. Phase one limits are from FM 2499 to Chinn Chapel Road. The pavement and storm systems are complete.  Contractor is still doing some clean-up work along the ditches and storm lines. Phase two limits are from Chinn Chapel Road to Abbotts Lane. Pavement and storm systems are complete. Public two way traffic is open from FM 2499 to Chinn Chapel Road.  Residents have two way traffic open up to Abbotts Lane. Phase three limits are from Abbotts Lane to Copper Canyon Road.

The following is the current work being performed: installation of the storm line, inlets and headwalls are underway but are mostly complete; one way traffic is directed east from Copper Canyon Road to Abbotts Lane. Contractor currently working on the grading and pavement subgrade of the north lane. Once the north lane is paved, the traffic will be directed to the new concrete pavement and work will begin on the southern lane.  One way traffic will continue to be directed east until both lanes are completed. The contractor anticipates to be complete with roadway pavement by the summer of 2011 with the exception of the improvements planned for the Kansas City Southern railroad crossing.

Simmons Road – This is another bond project that the county is excited about completing with the partnership of the Town of Double Oak. The limits for this project are FM 407 to the north and Kings Road on the south. We will be widening the current 24-foot wide asphalt roadway to be a 28-feet wide concrete roadway. It will still be one lane in each direction. Careful planning took place to limit and reduce the number of trees removed while still improving the roadway and associated drainage. An underground storm line will be installed to will provide additional capacity to the existing storm system and roadside ditches. Due to the proposed storm system improvements, the slopes along the roadside ditches will be flatter than they currently are. Construction will begin this month.

I-35W – Denton County recently hired the engineering firm of HNTB to begin the environmental clearance process and schematic design for I-35W from the southern county line to I-35E in Denton. This is an important first step in the long environmental process to widen this highway, which is important to Denton County and the nation. We will be hosting a kick-off meeting later this month for local officials and area stakeholders along the corridor to outline the scope and timeframe of the project in greater detail.

Hwy 377 – Denton County also recently hired the engineering firm of Jacobs engineering to begin the environmental and schematic design for Hwy 377 from the county line south of Roanoke to FM 1830 in Denton. We will be hosting a meeting in May with area officials to outline the process, scope, and timeframe in greater detail.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me at 940-349-2801 or email me at [email protected].

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