Saturday, September 18, 2021

Argyle needs a new mayor

Election season makes us pay attention to matters that should have been watched all year long and several issues in Argyle need attention. 

In my opinion the current mayor, Greg Lanham, has not been attentive to Argyle.  He does not attend council meetings; his news column to the citizens on the town’s website has not been changed in months; questions about actions affecting the town such as the rail siding on the south end of town was given to the town manager to handle.  The information became known to the residents too late to have an impact on the decision.  Yes, the sewer line is being extended, but at what price?  The specifics of the “deal” with Flower Mound have never been fully explained.  The handling of the purchase of the property for the new town hall is another event that was not fully explained.  When the real price required taking monies from dedicated funds such as the Crime Prevention and Education Fund to help pay for the extra costs, the attitude was “we didn’t expect these additional expenses.”  How could you not expect asbestos in an old building? 

Argyle deserves a mayor who will put town affairs first, be open with citizens, and work with legislators, the Chamber of Commerce and surrounding mayors.  I urge support of Dona Schroetke for the new mayor of Argyle. 

Marie Trichka
Argyle TX

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