Saturday, November 26, 2022

Council tables decision on new gas wells

The Double Oak Town Council Monday tabled a request by Williams Production to enlarge an existing pad site and drill up to 15 gas wells near FM 407 and Simmons Road, just south of Lantana.

Discussion at the joint public hearing of the council and Planning and Zoning Commission centered on the town’s ability to hold Williams accountable for a variety of safety concerns and conditions upon approval of the rezoning. Baseline environmental testing at the site was suggested as a way to gauge what impact the drilling would have on air and soil in the area.

Earlier that evening, members of the Planning and Zoning Commission endorsed Williams’ rezoning request, but added a list of conditions.

Council members are expected to consider the decision at their next regular meeting on Sept. 7.

“We are pleased that the Double Oak Town Council is willing to perform due diligence by asking tough questions, demanding accountability and placing a variety of restrictions on the town’s drilling operations,” said Double Oak resident Will Evans.

“However, any agreements entered into must be performed in a transparent process with representatives of both sides. This is an emotional issue for many long-time Double Oak residents who have spent the better part of their lives living peacefully in this very conservative town and place a far greater value on the intangible qualities of the place they call home.”

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