Sunday, September 25, 2022

Town Council unveils new subcommittees

Recognizing a need to focus on several key areas of municipal responsibility, the Flower Mound Town Council recently created council subcommittees that will allow each council member to focus on concentrated areas, thoroughly study specific community issues, provide timely updates, and make recommendations to the entire council.

Each subcommittee will consist of one to three council members who will be appointed by the Mayor for an indefinite term to address specific topics.

Subcommittees will include Planning and Economic Development, Transportation, Oil and Natural Gas and Zoning Appeals, Quality of Life, Environmental Sustainability, Animal Services, and Seniors. 

“The Town Council is tasked with representing the entire community, and we want to ensure that every major area of interest for our residents is being adequately researched and addressed by their government,” said Mayor Melissa Northern.

“These subcommittees will challenge each council member to do their very best in partnering with the community, Town staff, and the council to address Flower Mound’s needs.”

Subcommittees are a recognized legislative organizational tool widely used in federal, state, and local governments to provide constituents a more focused representational body.

Subcommittee members are charged with acting as the liaisons to any Town Council-appointed board, commission, or committee associated with their particular area of interest, and briefing the Town Council on major programs, projects, or initiatives within that particular area of responsibility.

The Town Council cited several reasons for creating the subcommittees, including a desire to enable each council member to be as involved and informed as possible in regards to community direction, a need to utilize Town Council expertise, and an initiative to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the working relationship between the council and Town staff.

“The goal is to be inclusive, not exclusive,” said Councilmember Al Filidoro. “These will also be committees of the whole to ensure each council member has the opportunity to be as involved as they want to be, without being intrusive in the day-to-day operations.”  

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