Monday, October 3, 2022

Awake in Flower Mound

Like many Flower Mound residents, I have only recently woken up to local politics.  Oh, I have been very engaged in national issues over the years, the politicians with questionable motives, the rhetoric back and forth, the scandals, the spin.  Why concern myself with the goings on at our own Town Hall, after all, the Mayor and Council members are themselves citizens of our community and could only have the best interests of their neighbors at heart.  But, on January 21st, after a lengthy council meeting where hundreds of concerned citizens voiced strong opposition to zoning changes that would allow for the possibility of a centralized wastewater collection facility in our town and the council narrowly voted in favor of the changes, I began to pay attention.

The actions of Mayor Smith have been particularly troubling.  I have seen spin worthy of a White House Press Secretary, half truths and deflection of blame reminiscent of an embattled U.S. Senator attempting to save his political career after a breaking scandal.  Could it be that we have, in our quiet little community, a Mayor beholden to special interests and self interest?  Could it be that our own Mayor has “cronies” and engages in mud throwing, political favors and paybacks?  Could it be that our Mayor is little more than a…a…”politician”? Yuck!

Like many Flower Mound residents, I am now awake and will be voting in a local election for the first time.  Like many residents, on May 8th, I will be voting for “a new direction” for Flower Mound.

Paul Rogers
Flower Mound, TX

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