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Local results guy helps winners keep winning

Tony Jeary of Flower Mound has earned a reputation as someone who can develop the untapped potential in anyone. (Photo by What’s That Guy’s Name?)

Tony Jeary has 38,000 contacts in his Rolodex. That may be difficult for most people to believe. After all, who knows that many people? And is there a Rolodex big enough to hold all those names? If there is, Tony Jeary has it.

“My dad taught me to serve people,” he said. “If you do, you’ll build a lot of connections.”

Jeary, the owner of Tony Jeary International and a local think tank called the RESULTS Center in Lakeside, has easily ballooned his contacts list to sights unseen over the past three decades because of the strategic advice he regularly gives to high-achieving, top-performing organizations and leaders who need clarity, focus, and the ability to execute at an even higher level than they already are.

Just a few people he’s personally coached include presidents of Ford, Walmart, New York Life, Shell, Texaco, and Sam’s. Others are CEOs, executive teams, partners, co-authors for a handful of his now 61 top-selling books, entrepreneurs from the Forbes richest 400, friends, family, church leaders, and mentors right here in Jeary’s backyard.

They all call him the “results guy.” He simply gives great advice — and he does it better than anyone you know, says a ton of his clients.

“That’s the theme of my entire life,” Jeary said with a laugh. “Advice matters, so pick people who do what you want to do or are doing and hire them to help you get there faster. There are a lot of people who don’t get that you can go a much more productive way in life and business if you simply take the right advice. It’s all about finding that someone who can help you think better.”

Jeary was raised by entrepreneurial parents who thrived on identifying and pursuing new opportunities to serve others. It didn’t matter if it was a business venture or doing a favor for someone at church; they did what was right and went above and beyond to teach those standards to Tony. His dad, in particular, was Tony’s best friend. He always said, “Always give more than is expected,” and Tony hung on those words and other pearls of wisdom then and now even after his dad passed in 2014.

Following his parents’ advice, Jeary committed his life and career to studying and helping others win and achieve more. He moved to Dallas when he was 18. He made and lost millions before he was 30, high-fiving himself after each success and dusting himself off to try again after each failure. And that go-getter attitude had always intrigued people around him. When Jeary was 22, a guy called him out of the blue and offered to pay Jeary $5,000 to show him how to make money. He accepted, and today, that guy is still a top CEO in Dallas.

“I thought, ‘Wow. That’s an interesting proposition,’” Jeary said. “To give advice at such a young age based on my experiences was incredibly special and even life changing to me. And I felt an obligation. People needed to know what I did wrong so that they didn’t do that. They needed to know what I did right so that they could do that. God has always allowed me to have a ton of cool experiences. That’s what has helped me thrive.”

And now, he has the ultimate “where” to make all of that happen.

The RESULTS Center is a crown jewel of the new 150-acre Lakeside DFW development in Flower Mound. Billed as the new standard for think tanks, the RESULTS Center is staffed by Jeary and a team of executive strategists with years of experience building successful careers. It’s a place where the world’s most successful people and their teams can meet in a setting where they are encouraged to pause, take a step back, and really think about where they’re going and how to get there faster and with less risk.

As surprising as it sounds, thinking does not come easily to many people — mainly because they are too concerned with immediate action. The RESULTS Center is where epiphanies, clarity, training, and synergy happens. It comes complete with a modern, sun-lit meeting room, Jeary’s Best Practices Library, a health bar, an outdoor inspiration deck, and an endless supply of all the books Jeary has authored. Some of those titles include “Advice Matters,” which he co-authored with his business mentor, Jay Rogers, “Life is a Series of Presentations,” endorsed by “Shark Tank” and his signature book, “Strategic Acceleration.”

He’s got another 20 or so titles working on being written.

Not to be outdone, the RESULTS Center also has its own RESULTS1 Van that can pick up clients at the airport or anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and bring them to the Center. The van is equipped with built-in workstations and Wi-Fi so clients can stay productive as they are traveling to and from Jeary’s facility.

“We use best practices that I’ve accumulated over the past 35 years to spike their thinking,” Jeary says. “I’ve also assembled a team for live note-taking to help our clients stay organized, as well as plenty of our tools and templates. Essentially, our clients can walk away in a day with what takes some people weeks to build in terms of a plan. This is great for big businesses that want to succeed more than they already are. My motto is that I don’t make winners. I help winners win more. That’s my sweet spot — companies that do say, $20 or $50 million, who want to make $200, $500, or even go to a billion. It’s attractive to open-minded people, and I’ve built it in such a way that helps them get inspired.”

Jeary said he and his wife thought of the idea after deciding to move into a condo. The happy couple has been married for over 30 years and not only raised two wonderful daughters but also helped start Cross Timbers Church in Argyle 20 years ago. They initially thought about moving to New York or San Diego for that condo life but couldn’t bear leaving their grown kids behind. That’s when they decided on The Lakeside Tower, and it made sense for Jeary to finally have his own strategy studio nearby.

The spot where the RESULTS Center is now was originally a dog park. Jeary teamed up with his longtime friend, Jack Furst, and kick-started plans to open his new think tank. The RESULTS Center opened roughly eight months ago.

“God has gifted me with the ability to encourage people and help them to think,” Jeary said. “I’ve always had the ultimate process, but I needed the ultimate where. This is a real thought through and efficient place to make all of that happen, a blessing and dream come though. I love helping others win.”

And grow his Rolodex of thankful clients.

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