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Foodie Friday: Istanbul Cuisine

Kebabs. Babaganoush. Gyro. And Baklava. Those are just some of the traditional Mediterranean dishes you’ll love eating at one of Flower Mound’s newest restaurants, Istanbul Cuisine.

Owner, Cengiz Yumrutas, is no stranger to the restaurant business. He grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and has spent most of his adult life sharing traditional Mediterranean foods with people around the world, including an incredibly successful restaurant run in Dallas before opening Istanbul Cuisine here in Flower Mound.

All of the food at Istanbul Cuisine is made-to-order and is absolutely delicious. We actually learned that Cengiz shops for all of his own ingredients every day to make sure he’s getting the best and most authentic ingredients he can.

If you’ve never had Mediterranean food before, or are just not that familiar with it, we’ll give you a few dish ideas that are great to start with. Their Beef Shish Platter is made with incredible cuts of beef marinated in their special sauce and grilled. And their Gyro Platter is made with seasoned slices of lamb and beef that comes served with a side of rice and vegetables.

For dessert, you have to try Cengiz’s take on traditional baklava. While many people use honey in this famous dessert, Cengiz taught us that a simple syrup is better because it’s not as heavy for the phyllo dough.

And if you’re a coffee and/or tea fanatic, you need to try some of Istanbul Cuisine’s traditional Turkish teas and coffees, which come served the way people in Turkey drink them – straight up!

We’ve heard from Foodies ever since Istanbul Cuisine opened that we needed to give them a try, and we’re glad we finally had the chance to go see them! We’re so glad to have a new, authentic Mediterranean restaurant right here in town!

*Istanbul Cuisine is located at 2911 Cross Timbers Rd #103, Flower Mound TX 75028.

**Istanbul Cuisine is open 7 days a week. On weekdays they are closed from 2:00-4:30pm.

Jay Marks
Jay Marks
Realtor Jay Marks reviews local restaurants and interviews interesting people. Contact him today: 972-724-2540.

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