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Video showcases Lakeside Village plan

The plan for Lakeside Village’s 35 acres along with arrows representing the path of the fly-through video.

A new video released this week by developer Realty Capital provides an animated vision of what Flower Mound residents can expect at Lakeside Village, the 35-acre parcel south of The Lakeside Tower and to the west of FM 2499.

Proposed zoning changes to the site (as depicted in the video) will be presented formally to Flower Mound’s Planning and Zoning Commission on March 26, and a presentation to the Town Council on April 2.

“This video suggests that the [land owner] Stewart Family and Realty Capital plan to raise the bar in Lakeside Village,” said Ron Crosby, owner of  23.8-acres at the northeast corner of Lakeside Parkway and FM 2499, site of the new 7-11 convenience store.

“It appears,” he added, “that Lakeside Village will have the kinds of qualities that can attract people from all over DFW to Flower Mound,” he said. “That’s good for development prospects at our corner and should stimulate quality development for the entire Lakeside Business District. It looks like a genuine tourist attraction for the town.”

“Lakeside Village will be a real draw,” said Mike Martinez, an executive with CTDI, a cable box manufacturer and testing firm with three separate facilities in Flower Mound totaling 500,000-square-feet of office and warehouse.

“My business associates and I have been very impressed with the shops and restaurants at Lakeside DFW,” said Martinez, a Flower Mound resident and supporter of SMARTGrowth. “The sunset views at Lakeside Village will certainly make it especially inviting.”

The plan for Lakeside Village’s 35-acres, along with arrows representing the path of the fly-through video, represents more than a year’s worth of work with residents, architects and town officials.

The two-minute tour takes viewers from the Lakeside Condominium Tower’s roundabout west then southward to the property’s southern tip (see graphic).

Traveling west along Lakeside Village Parkway, viewers see condominiums above retail spaces. As the camera turns to the south, viewers see several residential and office buildings and a small structure in the distance resembling a chapel.

At the :50-second mark of the video, a six-story condominium building (on the right) comes into view.

Sunset Point, the popular deck constructed last year to overlook Lake Grapevine, lies to the northwest of this structure.

Shortly after the one-minute mark on the video, a hotel appears sitting behind a community green, where visitors will overlook the lake to the west. The two-story structure adjacent to the hotel (on the southern side) represents the possibility of a performing arts center.

The natural-setting amphitheater, with its western view overlooking Lake Grapevine, connects with the existing trail from the existing Lakeside Boardwalk, which can be seen along the lakeshore.

On the final approach to the southern-end of the site, a Mediterranean-style chapel comes into view as a proposed wedding venue. On the right, multiple restaurants offer lake views for their patrons.

As the camera view pulls out to include the southern end of the project, one can see a plaza surrounded by restaurants and opportunities for the public to enjoy the views over Lake Grapevine.

Cars at the restaurant plaza will be hidden-from-view in a three-level underground parking garage.

“Attracting employers to the Lakeside Business District,” said Crosby, “has been viewed as a chicken and the egg kind of scenario — we need the restaurants to attract employers, while we need employers to attract restaurants.

“With its outstanding amenities for residents, current employers and future employers,” Crosby suggested, “Lakeside Village can be Flower Mound’s golden egg.”

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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