Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Early voting results offer glimpse

In the early voting results, Clay Sams received 165  or 59.14 percent of the votes for the vacant seat on the Bartonville Town Council.

Sams is vying for the Place 3 seat against Bill Reaves, who garnered 110 or 39.43 percent of the votes, and Isaac Shepherd, who received 4 or 1.43 percent of the 279 early votes cast for the unexpired term in Bartonville.

“I really do have a good feeling about this,” Sams said, adding it was his first time to seek an elected office. “I always felt it would be close because Bill Reaves has six years with the community and he is well known.”

Sams said he spent a lot of time walking the streets of Bartonville and knocking on doors. “It all boils down to who goes in there and votes,” he said, adding he believed the rain may have deterred some voters who were unwilling to stand out in the rain waiting to vote in Bartonville. He indicated several had told them they tried to vote in nearby Argyle but realized that was not allowed.

In the  proposition seeking the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only, Bartonville residents casting early ballots voted overwhelmingly in favor with 225 or 80.36 percent of the votes. A total of 55 or 19.64 percent voted against the proposition.

A total of 83,776 early voting ballots were cast in Denton County representing 20.47 percent of the 409,334 registered voters.

A total of 52,077 voted straight ticket, including 37,542 for Republicans, 14,000 for Democrats, 384 for Libertarian and 151 for the Green Party.

In another election watched by many both within the county and around the country was the proposition regarding the prohibition of hyrdraulic facturing in Denton. A total of 9,877 or 58.95 percent voted for the measure while 6,879 or 41.05 percent voted against it.

For the 367th Judicial District seat, incumbent Margaret Barnes was in the lead with 55,362 or 69.34 percent of the votes against challenger David Helmen, who had 24,474 or 30.66 percent of the votes.

For State Representative in District 65, incumbent Ron Simmons held a strong lead with 10,902 or 65.51 percent of the votes against challenger Alex Mendoza, who garnered 5,741 or 34.49 percent of the votes.

For State Representative in District 63, incumbent Tan Parker received 16,938 or 76.83 percent of the votes, trumping challenger Daniel Moran, who received 5,108 or 23.17 percent of the votes.

In Denton County, voters showed a strong preference for Republican George P. Bush as Commissioner of the General Land Office. He received 55,149 or 66.98 percent of the early votes despite having three fellow candidates including: Democrat John Cook with 23,625 or 28.69 percent of the votes, Libertarian Justin Knight with 2,403 or 2.92 percent of the votes and Green Party candidate Valerie Alessi with 1,160 or 1.41 percent of the votes.

For Lieutenant Governor, Denton County residents voted strongly for Republican Dan Patrick who garnered 53,339 or 64.45 percent ov the votes against three other candidates including Democrat Leticia Van de Putte with 26,715 or 32.28 percent of the votes, Libertarian Robert D. Butler with 2,166 or 2.62 percent of the votes and Chandrakantha Courtney of The Green Party with 544 or .66 percent of the votes.

In the gubernatorial race, Republican Greg Abbott also had a strong showing with early votes, grabbing 53,956 or 64.88 percent of the votes against several opponents including Democrat Wendy R. Davis, who received 27,749 or 33.37 percent of the votes. Libertarian Kathie Glass received 1,141 or 1.37 percent of the votes and Green Party candidate Brandon Parmer received 314 or .38 percent of the votes.

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