Give your home or business an extreme makeover

Looking for a way to improve the appearance of your home or business? Then look no further than StoneCoat Natural Blown Limestone.

The amazing, versatile StoneCoat is the first product that enables you to blow a stone finish onto almost any surface.

The reason is that StoneCoat is real stone that is mixed with water and cures and hardens to look like the real thing, because it is the real thing.

StoneCoat Vice Chairman Bob Schmidt said that he decided to join the company after his first encounter with the stone coating process.

“I’m a retired IT executive,” Schmidt said. “I built a patio in my backyard last summer and was going to stucco it until I came across StoneCoat’s website. I had them come out and StoneCoat it, and I just sort of fell in love with the whole process.

“It is a very unique, one of a kind way of taking Calcium Carbonate, mixing it with water to make Calcium Hydroxide, and spreading it on the house. The next thing you know, you’re carving it back into 96.1 percent limestone, which is more rock then you get when you cut a rock out of a quarry.”

Schmidt said the company management is currently working on strategies to take StoneCoat national.

StoneCoat is committed to becoming recognized as a “building material of choice” in the construction industry in the same way, brick, cut stone, or concrete veneers are chosen by builders, remodelers, and architects alike by providing a quality, value added, (value engineering), green, alternative stone product.

Advantages are that a StoneCoat application can dramatically reduce site construction times, as the application is faster than alternative stone veneer or brick solutions. 

Also, at only six pounds per square foot, StoneCoat can be applied with more versatile applications and is less restrictive and labor intensive than construction typically using stone, eliminating the need of the traditional brick ledge. 

Because of its light weight, StoneCoat allows for increased versatility and creativity such as barrel ceilings, and interior applications directly onto lathe-treated sheet rock, precast and customized elements. 

Additionally, StoneCoat is an environmentally-friendly green material.

Finally, in terms of creativity and custom design, StoneCoat offers limitless possibilities over traditional cut stone and other concrete veneers.

“It also takes a fraction of the time it would take for stone masons to come out and put touchstone up,” Schmidt said. “And it’s real stone. So it’s faster, less expensive and goes over any surface.” 

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