Foodie Friday: Thai Ruby’s Authentic Thai Food and Atmosphere

Now that I’ve been fully converted to Thai food, we decided to head to Flower Mound’s other wildly successful Thai restaurant – Thai Ruby. We took a few of our partners and clients to enjoy a great meal with us. And when we told them where we were going, they were ecstatic!

Upon walking in, I totally understand why. You instantly feel as though you’ve been transported to Thailand with the beautiful decor and ambiance. Owner, Nikki Fore and her husband, Chris, have worked hard to make sure customers get an authentic experience when they eat at their restaurant. They brought all of the decor over from Thailand themselves and it is absolutely beautiful to look at.

Although, we should mention that Nikki told us this one piece is from Pier One. But it fits in so well, who would notice??

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to chat with Nikki and her husband. They both have a great sense of humor and a great passion for what they do. And they love having a great local spot where they can get to know their customers on a personal level and prepare great food for them.

In addition to the beautiful decor and the hard work of Nikki and her husband, we also were taken aback by the freshness and beauty of each of the plates that were brought out. Everything was like a work of art! From the moment they brought our drinks out and the lemon wedge on the iced tea glass was carved to look like a dragon (we think?), I knew we were in for a treat.

So, let me just fill you in on what we feasted on while there. Most of us took advantage of the great lunch special which includes an entree with either the soup of the day and egg roll or a salad with peanut dressing. Yesterday’s soup of the day was a delicious chicken and rice soup. It was incredibly savory with a freshness brought to it by the jasmine rice, cilantro and scallions.

I ordered one of my favorite soups, the Chicken Tom Ka, which is a coconut cream soup flavored with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and straw mushrooms. I love it because it has such a beautiful color and is light but creamy at the same time. And then I also go the Thai Ruby Sampler which is a sampler of some of their great appetizers, including egg rolls, spring rolls, crab rangoons, fried shrimp and fried wontons. Everything was awesome and the plum sweet & sour dipping sauce was AMAZING! I had to ask for seconds.

Everyone else tried to order some of their most popular dishes. So, we had chicken Pad Thai, shrimp Pad Thai, basil fried rice, cashew chicken and broccoli chicken between us. Everyone loved what they ordered and as they brought out each plate, we continued to be amazed at how beautiful they were! I mean, they carved blossoms out of a single piece of carrot!

Nikki told us that their Pad Thai constantly receives compliments for being the best people have had. Kari has tried Pad Thai at multiple restaurants (including a few in New York City) and she agreed that this was probably the best! I think that speaks to the great authenticity of this place. You are truly getting a real Thai experience when you come to Thai Ruby and the food reflects that.

If you love Thai food, Chinese food or any food really – you need to go check out Thai Ruby this weekend. For just a little while, you can feel like you’re on vacation enjoying a great meal in Thailand. I love knowing that we have local places that offer experiences like Thai Ruby does. You do not have to head to downtown Dallas to enjoy a great meal!

When you head in this weekend, be sure to let Nikki know that Jay Marks sent you. She’s usually running around like a crazy person, but I know she’ll appreciate hearing what you love about her restaurant.

Eat well, Foodies!

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