Bartonville police awarded $20,899 grant

Bartonville police officers will soon have an easier time communicating with their headquarters thanks to a $20,899 grant from the CoServ Charitable Foundation (CCF).

CCF representatives presented the grant to city officials at the Bartonville Police Department on Oct. 23. The grant will be used to equip the department’s vehicles with Advanced Public Safety Citation Management Systems.

“This project will free officers up to spend less time on the side of the road and more productive time on the streets protecting the community they serve,” said Bartonville Police Officer Bobby Dowell.

“Now, the violator will no longer receive a handwritten citation. The systems will produce a more professional product with fewer misunderstandings for the citizens and unintentional errors by the officers.”

It not only will help the police department, it will assist the court system, as well. Currently, the court clerk has to manually enter the citation information into the court’s computer system. With the new system, the citation will be uploaded directly from the field.

CCF Executive Director Dennis Engelke, who presented the check, said there are also benefits for CoServ Members.

“Keeping our communities and law enforcement officers safe is important to CoServ,” he said. “This grant will help do both.”

Pictured above: Bartonville Councilman Jim Langford, Police Officer Bobby Dowell, CCF Executive Director Dennis Engelke, CoServ Employee Brianna McQuien and Town Administrator Stacey Almond.


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